A Close-Up Look at Apple’s Never-Before-Seen Internal “MMI” Software (Captured from an iPad 2 Prototype)

Prototype iPad 2

Apple is as meticulous about leak control as a dentist is about a patient brushing teeth and no better way to exemplify Apple’s precautions than to show something that has been in captivity for quite some time.

For example: Apple’s SwitcherBoard app is well-hidden, recently removed from the Apple Store hidden with link-only availability and is now only downloadable with certain keychains and a specified VPN.

The iPad 2 has about run its course as the iPad 3 assumes its position as the iPad 2′s replacement. Apple has continued to hide software updates designated for employees only as betas featuring functions such as Siri for the iPhone 4 and 3GS. The latest in hidden software comes from an iPad 2 prototype and offers a never before seen look at what it is like to work at Apple on a corprote scale with the possesion of a work specified iPad.

The software is known for “Diagnostics” and features an application called “MMI” (version 1096.5) boasting a plethora of odd functions in a style similar to that of “Skank Phone.” MMI’s features include options for the device’s compass,gyroscope, accelerometer, buttons, and more with other software options such as “pattern” and “cover.”