Up Close iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S – Screens Included!

Apple iPhone 5S With Screen

We’ve leaked iPhone 5C shells. We’ve leaked iPhone 5S shells. And now, direct from our sources within Apple’s supply chain, here they both are side by side, with a heaping helping of additional parts to add to the excitement!

You’re looking at our most extensive iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C part leak yet, with a variety of ribbon cables and components, including the entire intact casings, vibration motor, audio jack, SIM trays, the front and rear cameras, the mounts to attach all of the components to the casing, and more. Nearly everything except the logic board – even the screens!

Make of it what you will – this is the proverbial jackpot of iPhone hardware leaks. One thing’s for certain. September 10th cannot come fast enough!

  • Veronicaeb

    The “champagne” gold iPhone has a black or a white front?

  • Peter Hansen

    This could allso be spare parts from the ordinary iPhone 5, you can buy the diffent covers/spareparts online so this is no proof what so ever, not to be negative but it’s kind of crappy, make a white background and get a orange stand, and **PooF** there you go iPhone 5S/5C leaked fotos. do you really fall for that kind of tricks??

    • Peter Hansen

      Why do you think he can’t answer some of the tecnical questions??

      • YoloSwaggins

        The back casing of the 5c is round… How would that go on the back of the iPhone 5 which is square?

  • Matt

    I hope that this iPhone be better than Galaxy S4

    • Chad

      Yeah , maybe iphone 30S will be better than the s4

  • Lima

    How do they get access to this material?

  • Yunsar

    Hey Sonny, so you’ve got the 5S screens, could you find out their resolutions and the type of display?

  • Me

    Is it still using crus parts?

  • chi

    iPhone 5s: White or Black or gold?

  • Art

    its the same sh*t from apple… nothing changes… only the price change..,

  • That nigga

    Theres no such thing as an iphone 5c, its just a different housing for the iphone 5, but idiots will believe it >_<

  • huntermann12

    where can i buy?

  • Shockstar005

    So whats supposed to be new with the new iPhone? I have the iPhone 5 but if these is how the new iPhones are looking im defetenely not getting the new one. Apple has disappointed me, I wanted one with a bigger screen and this ones look just like the 5 with very FEW changes.

  • Lhala

    Sony wouldyou be able to tell us when wil be the release dates for the new iphones?

  • kevin jannis

    Damn, was hoping the colors were a bit more bright :/

  • Tom

    Plastic Crap! Damn!

  • DEE

    Seeing how merciless Apple was in going after Gizmodo (albeit that case was about stolen/lost properties and extortion), I’m utterly surprised that they have yet to send you a cease and desist missive (not that I wish it upon you)… So odd…

    * That said, I love your blog – keep up the great work!

    • Sonny Dickson

      Thank You

  • jen

    How much will be the iphone 5c? It is affordable?

    • JamesBest

      C stands for Cheaper(not really, but is cheaper version with plastic) so yes affordable!

      • Stew

        “C” stands for color…

        • Evertjohn

          Is stands for Cheaper Color

    • stew

      its probably between 300 and 400$

  • EvanghelosValassidis

    Aside of the white one, I do not like the colors they are showing!

    • juju


    • DEE

      Yeah, they look washed out.

  • Victor

    Sonny, will there be a fingerprint scanner or not?

    • Sonny Dickson


      • Victor


  • Robin Laugs

    Do I a iPhone 5G with a different flash?

  • sam A.

    Does the iPhone 5c come with a sim tray?

    • Bareley

      Nope. Sold separately.

      • Jay

        Wow, no sim tray…

  • Ivan Damian

    iPhone 5C colors are not very pretty :/

    • Pedro Gonçalves

      who cares? most people will use cases..

  • Bara

    Hey just wondering what device is better: the iPhone 4/4s or the iPhone 5c. And also how much will the 5c cost?

    • Sonny Dickson

      iPhone 5C

      • Mark

        Does the iphone 5s have a wider screen?

        • J


    • http://www.laugh-eat.com/ mdelvecchio

      are you serious?