High-Quality Photos of Champagne iPhone 5S Rear Shell Surface + Screen

Apple iPhone 5S Back Housing Champagne

Direct from our source in Apple’s Asian supply chain, we’ve managed to get our hands on a rear housing for the iPhone 5S, in Champagne!

  • Not Tim Cook

    Just curious, how do you get a hold of these parts?

  • Rikcavlog

    Where can i get one ?

    • thwap

      Somewhere in China, but you may have a difficult time trying to procure it. I’d just wait until it’s released commercially where it’ll be far easier and less risky to obtain (especially if you pay money for it), not to mention no airfares required either.

  • 08flstc

    Is this color going to be part of the 5C line as the photo captions state or part of the 5S line as the article states?

  • Jo

    Why is there a photo with a black Apple logo?

    • Dante

      that isnt black, its the same, it just has a reflection of something black around.

  • NatishSharma30

    Loving the colour!
    Keep up the work Sonny!!!