Behold The First Part Leaks of the Grey or ‘Graphite’ iPhone 5S

Apple iPhone 5S Grey

Up to this point, it has widely been thought that the iPhone 5S will only come in 3 colors: Gold, Slate, and white with silver trim. According to a new images we’ve obtained, however, it appears the iPhone 5S may also come in a 4th color – a grey or graphite color with a black trim. You can check out samples in the below gallery!

In addition, here are a few shots of the new grey color next to the gold iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5S screen assembly.

What are your thoughts? Would you buy a grey or graphite-colored iPhone 5S? Let us know by sounding off in the comments!


  • OGenius

    Same strategy here for Apple: every time they see their margin falling down, they come with new colored devices. They used to do it since the iMac in 1999, but also for the iPod nano 2nd gen, the iPod shuffle in 2008 and the iPod of 2012. They will surely bring out new devices on the market with larger screens…

  • Geoff

    The grey or black. The gold looks awful

  • James Maxx

    That looks awesome, and with 128gb hard drive I am sold. No, I am not putting an ugly bumper on it. Don’t care for a design change. It looks fine and there’s not much to alter on a glass square anyway.

  • Wilberforce Susswort

    Very reminiscent of the later black iPhone 5 prototype, with silver trim and a lighter shade of trim on the back.

  • Meecheroo

    I thought the entire phone would be gold and not just the back part where it will be covered by a case…

  • jenna

    this is slightly off topic but who makes the iphone holder you are using? That would be perfect for my office! Thank you.

  • Bill Esborn

    Who cares what color the iPhone is when you are going to put a protective cover on it.

  • jaemurl

    So the same design but different material color? What. A. Joke.

  • WatchMeWesley

    Ive got a feeling this sort of colour will hide the scratches better

  • DonatelloNinjaTurtle

    I’m still hoping for green with purple inserts.

  • ARPTOPNick

    will the grey one have a white or a black front?

    • tommy


      • dickie

        yes there is – obama demands, sharpton and jackson live off of it . without racism most gov’t programs would be cut

        • Sparklemqn55


  • M47145

    I may actually get that one if it looks anodized like the MBP family. I would not buy the gold version though, I feel like it was designed to be used by the ‘gangsta brothers’.
    Still, I’d like to see a 4″-ed screen iPhone with the design of the iPhone 4-4S. That’s the design I really loved, sandwiched in glass and belted with a steel band. But oh well…

    • mdelvecchio

      gold is one of the most popular case colors in the US and abroad. evidently asia is crazy about gold. i dont think they are “gangsta brothers”, whatever that means.

      • M47145

        Sup, dawg!?

      • M47145

        That is your assumption. Let me remind you that Eminem fits the ‘gangsta’ ‘yo dawg’ rapper and gold-lover style and he is anything but black.
        If there is one thing I am not is a racist.
        Enough said. This is going in a direction I am not comfortable with.

  • applefan88

    Thank you sonny for these pictures. Will we get to see a picture of iphone 5s’ fingerprint scanner?

  • Yunsar

    Is the top/bottom plastic or glass?

  • Jo

    I’d prefer it to have a matching grey/graphite trim over black. Then I’d definitely buy it.

  • k

    iPhone 5s Black?