Hands-On With The Samsung Galaxy Note III Screen

Samsung Galaxy Note III

Just when you thought we were only posting  iPhone parts , we’ve just gotten our hands on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Screen. The photos have been given to us by a trusted source in China who has had access to device parts in the past.

  • Luiz Fernando Paes

    Oh my god, they brought the black color back! =D

  • Shauna Shina

    It’s big iPhone 4.

  • Albert Ese

    I luv the screen appearance

  • good

    Bezel is very very slim.
    I like it!!

  • Kevlar

    how big is the screen?

  • technoholic123

    if its not a bendable screen the some one will definitely d=beat samsung to it

  • technoholic123

    it dosent seeem so But any chance that the display could me of the bendable variety

  • http://www.youtube.com/WatchMeWesley WatchMeWesley

    Is it just me or does the shape look like a GS2?

    • Yunsar

      the home button is more curved and longer

      • http://www.youtube.com/WatchMeWesley WatchMeWesley

        Im talking about the ‘shape’ of the device. It’s not like a pebble like the GS3 or even the GS4

    • jaemurl

      Honestly the S2 had the best “Shape” imo. I’m glad that they’re moving away from the S3 rounded look!

      • http://www.youtube.com/WatchMeWesley WatchMeWesley

        I agree. It looked like a premium product to the untrained eye. The GS3 looked like a ballon or pebble.