Hands-On With iPad 5 Front Panel

Apple iPad 5 Front Panel

Just when you thought we were already up to our necks in part leaks, we’ve managed to round up some new photos for you!  More specifically, we’ve just gotten our hands on the front panel for Apple’s 5th-generation iPad.

The part doesn’t feature many surprises. Indeed, it’s pretty much exactly what we’ve come to expect, featuring slimmer side bezels that resemble the iPad mini, which gives the panel an overall slimmer, more modern look. In addition to the slimmer size bezel that you see in the photo, it’s likely that the finished 5th-gen iPad will also feature a slimmer and lighter design than it’s predecessor.

As Apple continues to improve the technology behind their Retina displays, and reduce the display bulk and power consumption, we begin to get a better idea of what their vision for the full-sized iPad might have been for a while – there’s little doubt they would have opted for a design like this with their 4th-gen iPad had the technology been available and cost affordable.

Take a look and the gallery below and see for yourself – this is just a small taste of what we can expect from the future of the iPad!

  • mudrat

    It looks like the current iPad front but in a different colour lol

  • http://www.youtube.com/WatchMeWesley WatchMeWesley

    Would be nice to see a comparison with the iPad mini and iPad 4, and maybe even other devices like an iPhone. It blows my mind to think this is the third redesigned iPad and it will be the iPad 5