High-Res Images of the iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanners

iPhone 5S Fingerprint

While we’ve already seen numerous leaks of various next-gen iPhone hardware, one thing that hasn’t been seen much is the home button. While a pair of pictures made the rounds earlier today, all of the images so far have been fairly poor in quality. It’s time to fix that.

We’ve gotten our hands on dozens of sharp high-res images of the iPhone 5S home button hardware. Notably, the sensors and flex cable bear a remarkably different design when compared to the iPhone 5 home button – and even previous supposed 5S part leaks.

While the design differences have yet to be technically assessed, they could have a whole lot to do with the rumored biometric fingerprint scanner that numerous pundits and analysts have predicted. In fact, we’d count on it.

Take a look at the full gallery below, and let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments!

  • Josef Tauser

    So what do I do during winter ? I’m from Canada, my fingers will be too frost-bitten for the scanner :-(

  • Guest

    Why would any sensible individual be willing to let a machine from an American company scan and put in its memory his fingerprint?

  • Ronald Jones

    This image above does not appear to be showing a fingerprint reader. Most fingerprint readers, like those used in laptops, and marketed by AuthenTec, (the company that Apple bought), use a small thin array of sensors in a straight line, where the person runs their finger across the imaging line for a scan to be done. The picture above shows no such line. See a picture of the fingerprint scanner by AuthenTec in this article: http://thenextweb.com/apple/2012/08/16/the-real-reason-apple-acquired-authentec-because-needed-new-technology-quickly-products/ or the picture directly here: http://cdn.thenextweb.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/2012/08/Screen-Shot-2012-08-16-at-11.50.29.png

  • James Foulk

    Why do people believe that actual fingerprints are being stored for comparison? That isn’t how fingerprint readers work. It literally is impossible (note: not “difficult”, it’s impossible) to recreate the fingerprint of the user from the key generated by it.

  • PhilipSmith

    This is real. The silicon sensor is the teeny blob in the light colored disk. The black square connected to it is the co-processor that goes with the fingerprint sensor to process the fingerprint data pulled it, comparing it to the data stored that will identify you as the authorized user. thereby unlocking (or denying if it is not you). It also provides the access security separate from the main phone processor, reducing the ability for it to be hacked. This was a big deal when we (UPEK, the inventors of this in the early 2000’s) introduced it for PC’s. Our competitor, Authentec, did this processing on the main PC Intel processor – which was totally open to being hacked. Authentec went public, bought UPEK and then sold itself to Apple.

  • Matt

    So what is the home button made of. Sapphire ?

  • Andy

    So, will apple totally make a redesigned iPhone this time around, possibly would be super cool if they did, I mean c’mon same shape as the iPhone 4, 3 years without a design shape is wayyy tooo loooong

  • nirmal mistry

    are you sure that is a finger print scanner … i have a strong feeling an iris scanner would be a lot more “apple” and much less obvious!

    • Samantha Possums

      Yeah but Apple can’t be bothered with subtle anymore since Edward Snowden leaked Apples dealings with the NSA… They will probably market this as a security feature. Apparently we need facial recognition, iris & fingerprint scanning, voice analysis, your entire GPS movements and web, telephone, messaging and email history just in case… of ummm… Terrorism I guess. Storing your complete set of personal biological info on your smart phone or in a offsite dbase is sensible in case a professional criminal hacker finds your mobile. This way they have all the required info they need to track you down and return it I suppose…
      No point complaining to Apple if your records get hacked. Read the Terms & Conditions of use. If this happens just send a complaint to http://www.complaintsboard.com.au and all should be good. lol.

      • James Foulk

        They don’t store the actual fingerprint. Clearly you have no idea how the tech works, so stop spewing your idiocy. The fingerprint hits the sensor and generates a one way data set that cannot be reverse engineered to reproduce the fingerprint that created it. In short, a hacker could get into the database and it would be mathematically impossible to recreate the prints.

        • Matt

          sure sure

        • cubozoa

          what’s a “one way data set” in a digital world like the one we live in? and what does it get compared with to allow access?

      • DareDrago tjhin

        yeah… with fingerprint… automaticaly ur identity belong to ”them”… they watching u everyday.. thats the reason why US goverment not support SAMSUNG market in US…

  • bearmon2010

    I wont use Fingerprint Scanner at all. I will stay with password. No thanks to Fringerprint Scanner.

    • Anon Ymous

      And your identity will be stolen. Fingerprint is the only user friendly way to stop this. If apple attach a merchant store to this, then watch out.

      • shadowstewie

        Wtf are you even talking about. Their identity will be stolen if they use a password? How does that make any sense at all.

      • DareDrago tjhin

        yeah… with fingerprint… automaticaly ur identity belong to ”them”… they watching u everyday.. thats the reason why US goverment not support SAMSUNG market in US…

  • SP

    Relax sony Jim it’s to unlock your phone and enter a password not steal your ID…. And yeah L it’s the same $hitty finger print scanner you see on only laptops 10 years ago…. It’s a step up and looks promising… And in 6 months 10 other smart phones will likely incorporate the same technology. The pictures look good with added processing hardware and data lines. Clearly it will be doing more than just a simple click.

    • willo

      “same technology” is owned by Apple. No way they´ll use the same technology. There are about 8 other fingerprint companies in the world beside authentec, but they are vastly different than AuthenTec when it comes to the tech.

      There has been fingerprint solution since the 1990s, and nothing currently works properly. They are slow, unsecure, easily manipulated with sillicon, and does not work when fingers are cold, dirty or bloated.

      Either Apple will suffer the same setbacks, or they have solved a huge biometric challenge in the last twenty years and will take a huge step forward when it comes to security and ease.

      • SP

        Yeah sorry I miss typed that was supposed to be isn’t haha

    • Sony Jim

      Oh so we can just trust it then – there is just no way that any biometric data can get off the phone and into a database. Thanks for clearing that up for us. I’ll let the silly people at blackhat.com know that you’ve looked into this and it’s all cool!

  • L

    Finger Print Scanner????…..so 2003! HP ipaQ!

    • rwes

      Yeah, but this is (or should be much) ‘improved’ – you’ve got to remember that this is 10+ years later (SP mentions the same) and companies such as AuthenTec havent been standing still with their tech (not that many companies do).

      Read the details http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/08/07/apple-inc-gets-its-fingerprints-on-advanced-touch-sensor-appears-difficult-for-android-to-copy (sorry I couldnt find the other articles at not ‘pro-apple’ sites which I’ve come across detailing the tech, but the material is the same, even if appleinsider leans in favor in Apple), 4th paragraph forward beginning at the section “The Smart Sensor: why Apple paid $356 million for AuthenTec”.

      Short version: this shouldn’t be the same “Finger Print Scanning” of yesteryear or earlier – it’ll be finger print scanning perfected by AuthenTec/Apple, or at least that’s what they’re planning; we’ll see.

    • Jurassic

      “Finger Print Scanner????…..so 2003! HP ipaQ!”

      I’ll bet you said something similar in 2007 when you first heard that Apple would be introducing its own smartphone, and you laughed as you clutched your Blackberry. ;-)

  • Sony Jim

    Fingerprint scanner is so useful! The NSA will probably need an iris scanner in the next version. Can’t wait until every citizen gives up their DNA to the database. I mean we will get shinier dog collars in exchange right?

    • Craig

      I think a DNA database is an awesome idea. Why not? Think of the crime it would prevent. At the very least the dumb criminals would get locked up, leaving just the smart ones out there.

      • Brett

        I agree Craig, the dumbest part of our society will give away their fingerprints, iris map and DNA sample in exchange for some booze.
        The British colonialists who first arrived in North America found that some of the Indians to be very trusting and very naïve. They gave up their rights and their lands in exchange for worthless shiny glass beads. I think every major Corporation is willing to throw out some glass beads and reel in the easy fish first. Once all the suckers have been caught, it is a real challenge to get the intelligent ones to sell out. But hey, you can’t blame Apple for trying as there are a lot of dumb consumers out there!

        • Troll time

          We have those naive people everywhere. In the USA they are called democrats. Always giving up things, albeit other peoples’ things, to create a utopian society.

        • Nangco

          There’s a lot of money in information – It’s a gold rush out there. I’d love all the people so willing to share to give me all their personal info. Ha ha! dumb Indians.


    I’d really hope this is a fingerprint scanner because this might get even more people interested in the iPhone and I might just get one.