Hands-On With The iPad 5 in Space Gray And Silver

iPad 5 Space Gray

We’ve already seen numerous leaks of various next-gen iPad hardware, but until now, we haven’t gotten a serious look at the new color options for the upcoming ‘iPad 5.’ We’ve gotten out hands on some great photos of the new 5th-gen iPad’s rear casing in both Space Grey (introduced with the iPhone 5S), and the typical silver color.

As expected, it also shows off the highly anticipated slimmer iPad-mini like design for the new full-size 5th-gen iPad, complete with narrower side bezels.it is expected to launch with. Take a look and see for yourself! Would you buy an iPad 5 in Space Grey? Let us know in the comments!

  • headoutofsand


  • Bernard

    I like the space grey, I like it better than the silver. The other bits, are they part of the Touch ID?

  • Charismatron

    Are all Apple products (with a home button) getting fingerprint security?

  • ikristof2

    Very nice! :D