A Detailed Look at Apple’s 5th-gen iPad Design in Space Gray

Apple iPad 5 Space Grey

We’ve already seen numerous leaks of various next-gen iPad hardware, but much of it has been relatively low quality up to this point. We’ve gotten our hands on a number of sharp high-res images of the Space Grey 5th-gen iPad casing and front panel. Notably, it shows off the highly anticipated slimmer iPad-mini like design it is expected to launch with. The design differences are both apparent and extremely welcome, and we can’t wait to get our hands on one in person. Take a look at the full gallery below, and let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments!

  • Eduardo

    I don’t like the smaller bezel on the current mini, and I’m disappointed to see them carrying it over to the new iPad. People hold tablets by the left or right edge with thumb on the bezel, not like phones. An “edge-to-edge” screen is poor UI design for a tablet.

  • Apple_iOS

    Will the Mini 2 with Retina Display Launch on the 22nd or will it be held back until Q1 2014? I’ve heard a lot of both and it’s driving me crazy!

  • http://WorldstarHipHop.com/ Joshua Jones Makaveli

    They say the mini will have Retina idk if thats true.

  • Dennis

    Any idea if the SIM card will be nano or still micro?

  • ray

    hold ipad5 with only one hand?

    • Diego Monroy


  • IamJAd

    TouchID on the iPad?

  • KristinJ89

    But will it be Retina? (the mini)

    • Aaron Sanchez

      Good question. No one knows, and there has been speculation on both sides. My guess is there will be. Since more and more people are getting/wanting the retina display they may make the transition this generation.
      However, the flip side to that argument can be made by looking at the iPad 3. It did not have retina display and yet 6 months later there was the iPad 4 with retina display.

      • Tristate

        No, the first iPad with retina display was the iPad 3. iPad 4 only featured a better CPU and GPU, better camera and the new charging port.

        • Confirmation_Bias

          And it made me feel like a sucker for shelling out top dollar for 2nd-tier tech after just a few months…

    • maestro72x

      we hope so :-)