Hands-On With The iPad 5 Screen

iPad 5 Screen

Continuing our series of exclusive leaks of components for Apple’s 5th-gen iPad, including numerous photos of the rear shell, front glass, and many internal components, we’ve now obtained high quality photos of the actual display assembly for Apple’s 5th-gen iPad.

While the part isn’t especially revealing, bearing an overwhelming number of similarities to the previous iPad’s LCD panel, it does show that parts are continuing to become available for the device ahead of its expected announcement on October 22nd.

The screen is expected to be far more power-conservative than its predecessor, as well as featuring a thinner build. The previous iPad required a panel with dual LED backlights to accommodate the Retina display, while the new panel will likely incorporate a newer, more efficient technology such as Sharp’s IGZO tech.

Stay tuned – we’ll provide more information as it becomes available!

  • Peter Petropolis

    It was also “leaked” from here that the iPad5 definitely had 2GBs of RAM. Credibility gap has been established.

  • Punjabisoorma24

    Will the ipad 5 have touch Id? It’s a deal breaker for me. :/

    • Sonny Dickson


      • Monkey Magic

        Any news yet on the iphone 6

        • Sonny Dickson

          Next Year

  • CreeDiddy

    I wonder if the iPad Mini 2 will be IGZO too…

  • http://www.breathezy.com/ Breathezy

    Amazing scoop Sonny. Thanks for the updates, much appreciated. keep them coming if you can.