A Visual Look at Apple’s iPhone 6 vs Previous iPhones

Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 43

Pictures of the iPhone 6 Mockup have been circulating throughout the web. I’ve gone ahead and compared the Mockup to older generations of the iPhones and the iPod Touch 5G, as well as  the HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5.

Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 01 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 02 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 03 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 04 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 05 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 06 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 07 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 08 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 09 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 10 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 11 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 12 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 13 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 14 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 15 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 16 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 17 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 18 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 19 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 20 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 21 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 22 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 23 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 25 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 26 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 27 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 28 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 29 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 30 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 31 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 32 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 33 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 34 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 35 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 36 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 37 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 38 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 39 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 40 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 41 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 42 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 43 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 44 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 45 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 46 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 47 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 48 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 49 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 50 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 51 Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 52

  • http://urban-man.com Frank Moolah

    I’m an android supporter, but I’m impressed they got it thinner than the predecessor, but the curved bevel isn’t a good look. The hard lines had always worked. “If it aint broke don’t fix it.”

  • Sixfiles

    I much prefer this curved look. Also, if it’s going to be bit larger I think this shape will fit more easily in my pocket.

  • Milese3

    I’m extremely concerned about those antenna lines! I sincerely hope that they aren’t in the final design…

    Only, so far we have seen no leaks that prove otherwise. I have seen concepts that depict the next generation iPhone with no antenna lines, but no real leaks or rumours.

    Someone point me in the right direction. Will the final model feature those lines?

  • Bryan Katuna


  • jimbo

    Who cares what it looks like? You’re going to put it in a case anyway. It’s a little bigger (good and bad)). How does it work? That’s what’s important.

  • 31jetjet

    When they came out with the galaxy my iPhone friends were like, “what is that its huge?”

  • Tappy Mcwidestance

    Looks like Apple is stealing designs from other manufacturers again. Sad.

  • ajn465

    Glad they’re thinking bigger. These aging eyes already need help with the (bigger than an iPhone) Galaxy 2. (Don’t laugh kids… you’ll be in my boat sooner than you think!) It’s a deal-maker for someone like me! Hope they don’t cost too much, though.

  • krissysjournals

    I’m not crazy about this one it just looks ugly tbh. i want to wait for this phone but if looks like this I’m just going to buy the iphone 5s

  • William Wangge

    It’s only mock-up model.

  • butohde

    looking forward to the new look and design. hated everything that Jobs liked.

  • Jon

    Yeah that’s exactly what I was thinking. I remember rumors originally saying the iphone 6 would have no bezel. Now with this super thick bezel it would be unnecessarily thick and looks somewhat like the galaxy s3, which I really do not like the design of. I say reduce the bezel and reduce the antennas on the back.

  • http://www.scriptedpixels.co.uk Kam Banwait

    Stupid article comparing a rumour mock up device to legit devices. How was this even allowed to be posted?!

  • @Li


  • Константин

    это все хуйня)))))

  • http://stepasyuk.org.ua/ Андрей Степасюк


  • http://www.mshams.ir Mohammad Shams

    They shaking Steve in grave! This thing hasn’t iphone spirite! It’s damn ugly!

  • madethatway

    Yep. They’re ugly.

    I make a point never to buy anything Apple anymore; they’re so efficient (and paranoid) about protecting their own copyright, but don’t give a toss about the rights of artists whose copyright they blatantly violate on a daily basis (and make money from) through their iTunes store.

    Don’t believe me? Purchase a few songs from their store, then assume they’ll take payment straight away (or at least within 2 days) for them, download your chosen songs, and then wait and see what happens.

    Five months later, you’ll receive an ‘invoice’ for the songs, you’ll ask them why they’re charging you a second time for them, they’ll tell you there was no money on your card MONTHS after the official date of purchase, and will make no effort whatsoever to recoup the money on behalf of the artists.

    How do I know this? Because it happened to me. The upshot: how many musicians are being ripped off on a regular basis by Apple – and by how much?

    So now we’ve caught them with their pants down, what happens? Probably nothing, unless artists are made aware of it and confront Apple with substantial legal threats.

    • Shaun79

      Excuse my French but what the fuck are you talking!? Lol that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read! LOL

  • http://www.kopenimac.nl/ z0mer

    It’s ugly, very ugly. I love the hard lines of the current design. It looks like a lame iPod Touch, come on what’s wrong with those white stripes on the back. It’s just bullshit.

    • Charismatron

      Yeah, I’m not too crazy about the way this thing looks.

    • James

      I agree fully. These “prototypes” are pure fan art. Like people that think they can sing well because their grandparents thinks so – people with CAD software, too much time and 3D Printers think they can design Jony-Ive-Style. Its a desperately sad and mockingly disgraceful attempt.