How to Access the Hidden Autocorrect Bar on the iOS Keyboard

Apple has hidden its autocorrect keyboard as of right now, however, I tested it out and it works well. The autocorrect bar suggests words that you might be typing at that time, just like Android does. This could potentially be a new feature in later releases of iOS. If you can’t wait that long to have this great new feature, here’s how to enable it:

Anyone running iOS 5 on an iPhone 4 can now access this hidden feature by following the steps below.

Please Note: Modifying the OS is frowned upon by Apple and is only recommended for experienced users. This guide is for research purposes only and SonnyDickson is not responsible for any damages caused by this process. Proceed at your own risk.

1. You’ll first need to download a program called iBackupBot, which lets you modify certain settings on your mobile device through a backup and then restore that backup to the device. This software is available for both Windows and the Mac.

2. You’ll next want to connect your mobile device to your computer and run a full backup in iTunes.

3. After you’ve backed up your device, launch iBackupBot. The software should automatically detect and display all of the backups you’ve run in iTunes.

4. Click on the backup you just ran. Among all the files listed on the right, look for one that says: Library/Preferences/

5. The will open as a simple text file that you can edit.

6. Add the string <key>KeyboardAutocorrectionLists</key><string>YES</string> to the file. added it before the two closing tags: </dict > and </plist >, which seemed to be the logical spot. Close and save the file.

7. Next restore the backup from within iBackupBot (right-click on the backup and select the Restore command).

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