How to Downgrade from iOS 3.1.3 Back to iOS 1.0

Looking to take your iPhone back to the very first version of iOS? Well if you’re feeling a bit retro, here is a step-by-step break down for you of how to downgrade from iOS 3.1.3 Back to iOS 1.0. iOS 1 represents a look back in time to show how advanced the iPhone was back in 2007. Before the iPhone came out, smartphones were completely different. They all had very small screens and only a handful of them were touch screen. By looking back on iOS 1, you can see how much thought Apple put into creating the phone of the future. By downgrading, you get to relive some of that nostalgia. Keep in mind the App Store did not exist back then, so you will be limited to Apple’s built in apps.

Please Note: Downgrading is frowned upon by Apple and is only recommended for experienced users. This guide is for research purposes only and SonnyDickson is not responsible for any damages caused by this process. Proceed at your own risk.

1. Install iTunes or iTunes

2. Connect your iPhone or iPod to your Computer

3. Put your iPhone into DFU Mode.

a.) Make sure your device is turned off.

b.) Hold down the sleep/wake button for 3 seconds.

c.) Without releasing the sleep/wake button, hold down the home button for 10 seconds.

d.) Release the sleep/wake button and continue holding the home button for 15 more seconds.

e.) Your device should reboot into DFU if done properly. Didn’t work? Try again or consult YouTube.

4. Launch iTunes and select your device.

5. While holding down Shift + Command, click “Restore”  then Find your iOS 1.1.1 Firmware

6. Wait for your iPhone to Restore

7. You should get an alert that says: Error “1053”

8. Put your iPhone back into DFU Mode and Restore to 1.1.1

9. You should get an alert that says: Error “1053”

10. Upon this alert, launch iBrickr and Click “Recovery Mode” or “Boot iPhone”

11. Once all is complete, you should be running iOS 1.1.1

Now Follow Step 6 with iOS 1.0 in place of iOS 1.1.1 used in the previous process. Good luck!

Let us know about your experiences and impressions of iOS 1, could you still use this OS for your day to day smartphone?

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