Leaked Parts Prove iPhone 5 Will Not Have NFC or a Fingerprint Scanner

Last week the internet went into a tizzy about the possibility of the next generation iPhone including NFC. A picture of what appears to be the new iPhone display had been leaked with what appears to be a square bracket that could house an NFC chip.

There has also been a lot of talk about Apple including Authentec’s ‘Fingerprint Scanner’ solution as early as the next generation iPhone. Some people have speculated that the next iPhone would be too soon whilst others have said that Apples rush to purchase Authentec so quickly was a definite sign that it will be included as early as possible.

Today at SonnyDickson.com I’ve have received more up to date pictures that show what is underneath the metal casing that supposedly housed the NFC chip and have received more detailed photos of the home button assembly. What does this mean?

I reached out to mendmyi’s Riki Baker who told me that the latest leaked pictures appear to show that there is indeed no NFC chip or fingerprint scanner included in what appears to be the complete front assembly but went on to say that Apple may well be keeping these features under lock and key until their announcement on September 12th.

With the introduction of Apple’s new ‘Passbook’ payment solution with iOS 6 and presumabely the next generation iPhone NFC and a Fingerprint Scanner would make perfect sense but looking at Apple and their incremental iPhone updates it may be too big an update in too short an amount of time.

We look forward to Apple’s announcement on September 12th.

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