A Close-Up Look at Apple’s Never-Before-Seen Internal “MMI” Software (Captured from an iPad 2 Prototype)

Apple is about as meticulous about leak control as a dentist is about a patient brushing their teeth. There is no better way to exemplify Apple’s precautions than to show something that has been in captivity for quite some time.

Apple’s SwitcherBoard app is well-hidden, it was recently removed from the Apple Store and it is now hidden with link-only availability that can only be only downloaded with certain keychains and a specified VPN.

The iPad 2 has about run its course as the iPad 3 assumes its position as the iPad 2′s replacement. The latest in hidden software comes from an iPad 2 prototype, This device offers a never before seen look at what it is like to work at Apple on a corporate scale with the possesion of a work specified iPad.

The software is known for “Diagnostics” and features an application called “MMI” (version 1096.5) boasting a plethora of odd functions in a style similar to that of “Skank Phone.” MMI’s features include options for the device’s compass, gyroscope, accelerometer, buttons, and more with other software options such as “pattern” and “cover.”

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