Expose Apple’s Secret Hidden Debug Settings in iOS

Looking for a cool way to sneak your way into hidden settings in iOS? We’ve released a number of .mobileconfig files which allow users of non-jailbroken iPhones to enable certain debugging options which have previously been unavailable. These debug options are usually only available to Apple engineers and other Apple employees, and aren’t typically available for end users.

SonnyDickson.com readers aren’t typically end users, however – so we’ve decided to offer you access to these settings also (use at your own risk, of course)! The configuration files are available for Maps, Messages and FaceTime settings. When downloaded and installed to the device, they allow logging sessions to be created for each function. The logs can then be dumped, cleared or saved for later use, which could help in certain troubleshooting situations.

These .mobileconfig files can be installed without any issue on jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. To install, simply tap on the download links given below when viewing this page on your iOS device and hit “Install Now” button to install them.


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Glenn is the U.S. executive editor of SonnyDickson, a long time Apple user, and a former manager and service technician at an Apple authorized retail partner. His passion for technology was present from a very young age, and has extended throughout his entire life. His first computer was an Apple II, and he fondly remembers the era of Apple, Commodore, and Amiga. He also has a huge passion for journalism, has been a writer, editor, and journalist through a number of venues, and is a big fan of technology of all types, especially video and home kitchen tech! Glenn@SonnyDickson.com