The Mystery of MediMac: Apple’s Secret Internal Support Team!

Deep inside the structure of Apple Inc, there is a small division called MediMac. Seemingly sounding like a repair shop for Macs, it is in fact quite a different beast.  It is where Apple develops, tests and perfects all of their prototypes. MediMac is designed to assist the select few who are given Apple prototypes.

MediMac is more than just a help desk, once an idea has been conceptualized and given to hardware to make the components, MediMac takes over and plays an important role in the forming and building of the product. They are also there to provide internal support to the prototypes to those developing software for the device.

MediMac is said to be one of the most integral departments in the development stages at Apple.  Even more interesting, executives having problems with the prototypes they are developing contact MediMac for support with their products.  This includes the ability to contact MediMac from their home directly. Executives who create prototypes are also not allowed to test them without first signing them up with MediMac.

My sources contacted MediMac and received questioning about how they were able to contact them and were then told MediMac “is only an internal department that provides support to the development teams, and medimac is an internal website”.  You won’t find a mention of this division anywhere in Apple literature apart from the odd vaguely worded job application like the job posting below.

MediMac Lab technician Job

This Lab Technician will work closely with the new hardware project development teams during the entire prototype phase of a project. The successful candidate must posses the ability to manage multiple work requests and projects simultaneously. This person will be responsible for performing system and board level debugging, power measurements, repairs, and reworks on prototype systems. Soldering skills, the ability to read schematics are a must. The tracking, reporting, and escalating of failure of products. Will report to senior executives.

That being said, if the name MediMac rings a bell, and if you follow Apple prototypes in the least, you may have seen this name stuck onto a prototype with a phone number (hopefully blurred out) on it.

Once Apple expanded from simply Macs, the tiny division of Apple called itself Medi-Apple but MediMac rolled off the tongue smoother so they stuck with MediMac.

MediMac’s support division is located at 6 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California, and is open 4 days a week.

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