2013 In Review: We Leaked our Asses Off Last Lear – Here’s the Proof!

We had a pretty great year in 2013, at least as far as Apple-related leaks are concerned. Many of our photographic part leaks represented the first time the world had truly gotten a look at Apple’s new iPhone and iPad designs for 2013. To sum the matter up, we’ve broken down each of our leaks by category – First iPad, and then iPhone – to show you how we did.

Towards the end of 2013, Apple released the iPad Air and the iPad Mini with Retina. A month before iPad Air’s official release, I had received a couple of pictures of what was said to be the shell of the unreleased iPad Air. Its design was much similar to the iPad Mini. The iPad Mini was also shown two months before its released. I was able to get some pictures of its shell in Space Gray.

Here’s the full breakdown, month by month.


In August, we brought you the first leaked videos of the iPad 5 casings. This was followed by hands on photos of the upcoming iPad 5 (now known as the iPad Air) front casing, some nice hands on photos of the iPad Air rear casing, . We also provided some iPad Air rear shell and front panel photos, and even some of the very first photos depicting the Retina iPad Mini!


Even after a pretty great August, we didn’t rest on our laurels. First, we brought the first detailed look at Apple’s iPad Air design, followed by the first detailed look at Apple’s Retina iPad Mini design. We followed that with a face-to-face design comparison of the upcoming iPad Air design versus the Retina iPad Mini design. We then ended out the month with a hands-on look at the iPad Air in both the silver and ‘Space Grey’ (graphite) color optionsa hands-on look (the FIRST look) at the Retina iPad Mini in ‘Space Grey’, and a detailed hands-on look at Apple’s iPad Air design in Space Gray.


Finally, while October didn’t have as many leaks as previous months, we did end strong – by finishing up the iPad sweep with the first detailed look at the iPad Air’s new display!


The iPhone 5S has been the best iPhone yet! It was released in three colors; Silver, Space Gray, and Gold/Champagne. This is the first time Apple’s released three colors on its high end model. They also tweaked the “black” iPhone and made more of a gray color. No one was sure what would be its name, but I was the first one to get parts of the “Graphite” iPhone 5S.

Apple also released a cheaper version of the iPhone, and named it the iPhone 5C.  The iPhone 5C came in a variety of colors. These colors included Green, Blue, Pink, Yellow, and White. In one of my posts I displayed all of the iPhone 5C back housings, as well as their buttons. The full summary follows.

July and August

First, we were able to get a great start in July by providing the first hands-on with the iPhone 5C back housing in 5 colors. This lead us into a fantastic August – we provided the first leaked videos of the iPhone 5c casings, followed by exclusive hands-on looks at the iPhone 5C back housing in white, green, and yellow, plus some of the first photos showing the iPhone 5C volume buttons.

Later in the month, we offered a huge and exclusive super-gallery of iPhone 5C back housings and buttonsdebunked some horrible and false rumors about the supposed black iPhone 5C (which, as we predicted, never appeared), and provided an exclusive up close look at the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S, side by side, with the screens included!

We finally rounded out August with a hands-on look at the red iPhone 5C, the first hands-on look at the “champagne” colored iPhone 5S (which later was released as the “gold” version), and the first part leaks for the ‘Space Grey’ iPhone 5S.


September wasn’t quite as active as the month that came before – but we still managed to get in some nice leaks – including the first high-res images of the iPhone 5S fingerprint, or “Touch ID”, scanners, and an exclusive hands-on with the iPhone 5C logic board.

In summary, we basically kicked some serious product leaking ass in 2013 – and we expect more of the same in 2014. In fact, we are already tracking some pretty big developments including new product lines for Apple and upgrades to existing products that we expect to see in the coming months. We wish all of our readers the very best New Year! Keep your eye on the site – this year, you’ll be in for a wild ride!

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Glenn is the U.S. executive editor of SonnyDickson, a long time Apple user, and a former manager and service technician at an Apple authorized retail partner. His passion for technology was present from a very young age, and has extended throughout his entire life. His first computer was an Apple II, and he fondly remembers the era of Apple, Commodore, and Amiga. He also has a huge passion for journalism, has been a writer, editor, and journalist through a number of venues, and is a big fan of technology of all types, especially video and home kitchen tech! Glenn@SonnyDickson.com
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