iPhone 6s Display and Flex Cables-First Look

It’s time to take a look at some parts for the upcoming iPhone 6s. The first part that we have acquired is the display. The front of the display is almost identical to the one on the iPhone 6 except for one small detail, the front camera cutout. The camera cutout on the cover glass is slightly bigger than the one on the iPhone 6, pointing to a front facing camera upgrade this year. The major change to the display is on the back. On the upper portion of the EF shielding, there is a cutout allowing for some sort of sensor to pass through it. This is most likely a pressure sensor for force touch. Apple is rumoured to be bringing force touch to the iPhone 6s this fall and is expected to use it to make navigating through iOS easier.

Our team also was able to get a look at several flex cables designed for the iPhone 6s. The first two are the lightning/headphone flex cable and the Touch ID sensor, both these parts are visually identical to their corresponding iPhone 6 flex cables. One change was the flex cable for the volume buttons and mute switch. On the iPhone 6s, the volume flex cable and the power flex cable have been combined into one part that features power, volume, mute and the secondary microphone.

Iphone 6S lcd complete-02

Iphone 6S charging connector flex -01 Iphone 6S charging connector flex -02 Iphone 6S home button flex -01 Iphone 6S home button flex -02 Iphone 6S power flex -01 Iphone 6S power flex -02

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