A Look at Apple’s Design Sketch For the iPhone 8

It is 2018 and Apple has recycled the same design for its iPhones right from the beginning, at least on the front anyways. The iPhone desperately needs a refresh and if the latest rumours to be believed, we are going to get exactly that with the 2017 iPhone.

This leak comes from none other that Sonny, who has been a trusted source in terms of Apple leaks. In his latest video, Marques Brownlee (a.k.a MKBHD) goes hands on with what is supposed to be the iPhone 8 model. This prototype is what case manufacturers get to design the cases for upcoming phones. And it there are high chances that the upcoming iPhone might have the exact design and dimensions

Talking about the design, this model sports an edge to edge display with a cutout at the top for the front facing camera, the earpiece and sensors. This goes in line with what we have seen in the recent iPhone silhouette found in the Home Pod firmware. And that’s not all that is new with the design. The back of the phone is now made out of glass, accommodating the vertical dual camera setup with the flash in between the two lenses.

Coming back to the display, the screen to body ratio looks like it has increased and the overall display measuring somewhere around 5,7 – 5.8 inches in a body smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus. Also, with the inclusion of a glass back, we might close to seeing wireless charging on an iPhone.
What’s interesting though is that there is no TouchID sensor anywhere on the phone which might give credibility to the rumour going around that iPhone is going to ditch the fingerprint scanner and go all out on 3D Facial Recognition system.

Then again, it will be interesting to see what Apple does with the software, now that phone accommodates the cutout as well as doesn’t have any buttons. All our questions will be answered in a month as Apple is expected to announce the next generation of iPhones sometime in the 2nd week of September.

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