Design Models Show Likely Traits of iPhone 9/9Plus

Since the past few weeks, rumours and speculations are rife about the upcoming iPhones. And, as we are little over a month away from the launch event, more and more details have started to leaked out about the upcoming iPhones.

Just like last year, thanks to Sonny, DetroitBORG has got his hands on the 3 models of the 2018 iPhones. This has been in line with the previous rumours saying that Apple will once again launch three new iPhones in 2018. However, these are completely different from what we got last year. The 3 models that are going to be launched are :

iPhone X (2018?) : This is going to resemble the current iPhone X with the 5.8 inch bezel-less display, albeit with new specifications, second generation of FaceID and a new colour option, Gold. The 2018 iPhone X might also come with an upgraded camera.

iPhone X Plus : This one is going to be what every iPhone 7/8 Plus user has been waiting for. An iPhone X with a 6.5 inch display and a bigger battery with a Gold colour option along with the White and Black. Again, even the iPhone X Plus will have the second generation of FaceID. It will be interesting to see how Apple prices this phone considering that the iPhone X got a lot of flak for its $1000 dollar price point. Looks like the price might be around $1150 – $1200.

iPhone X (with LCD) : The third model is where things get more interesting. It is going to sport an LCD display rather than the OLED ones found on the other two models. This might be to lower the cost of the phone. Also, talking about cutting corners, this phone will have the first generation of FaceID and just a single camera instead of the dual camera setup from the iPhone X and X Plus, along with 4 new colour options. Doesn’t that remind you of the iPhone 5C?
If there’s one thing different about this phone than the 5C, is that the build quality of the phone is going to be nearly as good as the iPhone X.

One minor tweak to the colouring scheme of the new iPhones is that the Silver colour of last year might be replaced and instead have a solid white tone to it.

That’s all that we have from this leak. These are merely speculations at this point and the only way to confirm whether this is true or not is to wait for Apple’s event which will probably be held in the second or third week of September.

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