The Best AirPower Alternatives You Can Buy Right Now

So It was announced. We got excited. We were prepared to wait because we wanted, (needed) a magical place to charge our iPhones without cables.

And then… Disaster!

Apple cancelled it. All our hopes and dreams dashed against the craggy shores of cabled charging.

But there’s still hope, for once Apple didn’t invent their own format. They decided to use the Qi standard , and let’s face it, you still have too many cables and you still have a space set aside for that AirPower mat so what are you waiting for?

– Here is our selection of AirPower alternatives.

Nomad Apple Watch Base Station

This soft leather covered charging station certainly looks smart and professional. With 3x 7.5W coils, this Qi compatible Nomad charging station allows you to power your Apple Watch, iPhone and AirPods all at the same time. The watch stand is angled so you can take advantage of nightstand mode and the unit has LED alerts which have an ambient light sensor to dim the LEDs in low light situations.

Belkin Boost Up Wirelessly Charging Dock

This smartly designed charging station is built with the iDevice owner in mind. With a dedicated charger for both iphone and an Apple Watch, and a separate USB type A 5W/1amp socket to potentially charge a third device. This Qi compatible charging station has a 7.5W phone charger and a magnetic 5W charger for the Apple Watch, positioned to enable nightstand mode if you need it.

ZENS Dual + Watch Wireless Charger

Machined from a single piece of Aluminium the Zens Dual is designed to charge 2 smartphones and an Apple Watch simultaneously This Qi compatible device cam supply up to 20W of power to potentially change 3 devices. It has a non slip surface and supports Apple and Samsung fast charge protocols, ideal for a busy household with multiple devices.

Logitech Powered Wireless Charging Stand

Looking remarkably like a standard phone dock, the POWERED Logitech wireless charging stand allows you to use your phone while docked in portrait or landscape mode. POWERED is Qi Certified and designed to deliver up to 7.5W charging to your iPhone and 5W to other Qi-enabled smartphones.

Twelvesouth HiRise Wireless

This is Twelvesouth’s latest version of the HiRiser wireless charger. It’s stand out feature being the undeniably vertical mounting for your iphone. perfect for FaceTime calls or even FaceID unlocks while working. But all is not lost if you need a bit more flexibility. The Qi compatible Charging pad is removable and can be used in the standard table-top format to charge other devices such as 2nd gen AirPods. It supplies up to 10W of power and is finished in chrome and leather.

Belkin BoostUP Bold Wireless Charging Pad

Belkin is no stranger to the world of iPhone accessories. Their latest BoostUP bold charging pad is a traditionally shaped 9cm Qi compatible puck you can lay your iphone or any other Qi compatible device on. Boasting up to 7.5W of power for your iphone and up to 9W for Samsung devices it also has LEDs which notifiy you that your phone is properly aligned and an amber light will alert you to the presence of foreign objects.

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