Review: Dyson Pure Cool Tower

For those of you the Northern Hemisphere, summer is right around the corner. With that, barbecue is on the way, maybe some pool or beach days, but most importantly: warm weather. One way to beat the heat, is the latest and greatest Dyson Pure Cool. If you are familiar with Dyson, you’ll recognize the Pure Cool immediately for it’s eye-catching design, plethora of easy to use tech features (including connected smart home tech), and stunning capability.

First of all, the Dyson Pure Cool follows in Dyson’s storied history of great design. While the engineered, industrial design with a nice balance between hard edges and rounded corners may not fit in an 1800’s museum, chances are it won’t look out of place in your living room or den. The Pure Cool comes in 3 colorways, White/Silver, Iron/Blue, and Black/Silver. The latter is a exclusive, and also my favorite. I love how the Pure Cool takes up relatively small floor space, yet has a presence that is undeniable and looks like it belongs in the MoMA.

Dyson finally gets a chance to expand on technological features with the Pure Cool with 10 different fan settings ranging from inaudible, to just barely noticeable. Additionally, they include a “night” mode that can reduce the brightness of the LCD display, as well as bringing down the decibel level of the device. The aforementioned LCD display is used to show the fan speed, as well as current air quality metrics. That’s right, the Pure Cool is also an air purifier. Using the HEPA standard filter, as well as a house engineered carbon filter, Dyson is able to capture 99.97% of particle pollutants as small as 0.3 microns (for reference, a piece of paper is 50 microns thick). So for even the most seasonable locations, protecting the ones you love most is a (literal) breeze. Those that suffer from asthma can rest easy knowing that the Pure Cool can actually detect what it is filtering, from particles smaller than 10 microns, like pollen, dust and pet dander as well as other pollutants like cigarette smoke or aerosols from a pressurized can. Finally, in the name of Dyson science, they ran sleep tests with the Pure Cool purifying the air in Night Mode, which automatically reacts to pollutants in the air in real time, and came to the conclusion that 70% of participants reported feeling more well rested in the morning.

The new Dyson Pure Cool integrates Alexa capability for smart home users on the cutting edge who want to control their device with their voice, one of the first whole room cooling and air purification devices to do so. Additionally, the Dyson Link app allows you to see real time analytics from your device and control it as well. The app also lets you see how much filter life is left, with each filter from Dyson getting roughly 4,300 hours, or about 180 full days (based on your usage).

Maybe you know Dyson for their vacuums that contain unbridled amounts of power, and now with the Pure Cool Dyson is flexing its muscles and revolutionizing the room cooling market. The device pushes up to 77 gallons of purified cool air (without the dryness of AC, I might add), at up to a 350 degree oscillation. If the day is particularly cool, you can turn off the cooling feature of the device, and still enjoy the air purification. Without the dangers of traditional bladed fans, the Pure Cool uses Air Multiplier technology to cool entire rooms efficiently.

If you have a need for an beautifully designed cooling device, as well as a connected smart air purifier, look no further than the Dyson Pure Cool.

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