Step out in Style with These Super Thin iPhone 11 Cases

If you’ve ever purchased an iPhone, you’re probably familiar with the satisfaction that you get from unboxing your new device for the first time. The lid just slips off the box so smoothly and everything is perfectly covered in pristine plastic. You peel back these layers, pick up the phone and admire it’s sleek, minimalistic design. You want to keep your phone exactly like this forever…

…but the practical side of you comes to terms with the fact that you’ll probably need a case to protect it.

The problem is that most cases are funky, bulky and unattractive. They may offer the necessary protection, but you end up sacrificing form for function, and covering your iPhone with logos and patterns. But not any more…

Introducing: Thin Phone Cases From Totallee

Totallee has been making super thin cases since 2013. This California-based company offers branding-free phone cases that provide everyday protection against bumps and scratches. Their cases are perfect for those who are going for a low profile, basic, and minimalist look.

Totallee’s phone cases are made to highlight the tasteful design of the iPhone. Unlike typical cases, they don’t stray too far away from the phone’s original design. It’s a perfect choice for people who want to preserve that sleek iPhone look and feel.

They currently offer three different types of cases: Clear, Super Thin, and Leather:

Clear cases

The back of the iPhone is iconic. It’s sleek and features the Apple logo. Without a case, the iPhone is already a work of art. If you want to let the original design of the phone shine, Totallee’s clear cases are for you. They’re made of a completely transparent, slightly flexible TPU. This material is high quality so your case won’t turn yellow over time. These clear cases only cost $29.

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Super Thin Cases

These are the original and most popular cases from Totallee. At just 0.02” thin, these super thin cases make you feel like you aren’t even using a case. They are super lightweight (0.1 oz) and feels comfortable in the hand. The case features precise cutouts for buttons, speakers, and ports. The super thin cases have a matte finish and come in five colors: frosted clear, frosted black, solid black, navy blue and red. These “world’s thinnest cases” cost just $29.

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Leather Cases

Clear and super thin cases too basic for you? Go for the more sophisticated Totallee case: leather. Even though this case is fully covered in leather, it’s still super thin at just 0.06 inches, and light as a feather at 0.9 oz. The Leather case from Totallee features metallic button covers, microfiber lining, and a front-lip to keep your screen safe. For just $39, you get added protection without giving up style.

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Design and build

The cases from totallee are extremely thin and aren’t the kind of thing you’d expect to protect your mobile device from heavy falls. Think about them as more of an accessory instead of protective headgear. The casing itself is as thin as a fingernail — not much protection compared to shockproof cases, but for some people, the aesthetics are all they need. Put this on your phone and you’ll forget you’re even using a case.

The space surrounding the power and volume buttons are cut precisely so there aren’t any wide holes on the side of your phone. The cutouts are so precise that it almost looks like the volume and power buttons are part of the case itself. They merge seamlessly into the Totallee’s minimalist design.

On the bottom, you have precision holes for your lightning port and speakers, while on the back, your cameras are framed by a raised lip for added lens protection.

If you’re looking for even more protection, Totallee also offers screen protectors made from durable, bubble-free tempered glass. These screen protectors cover the front of your phone from edge-to-edge so your phone remains flawless and scratch free.

Not an iPhone user?

Don’t fret! Totallee has expanded its reach, selling the same thin cases for the Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy devices. They currently offer cases for the Samsung S10, S10+ and S10e, as well as the Pixel 3, 3XL, 3a and 3a XL.

Our verdict

Totallee’s phone cases provide a bit of extra coverage to help keep your phone from getting scratched. It highlights your phone’s original design, making it perfect for minimalists who want their phones to look stylish but not bulky. It was designed to accentuate your phone’s aesthetics, so don’t expect super crazy drop protection. But, if you’re relatively careful with your phone and want some practical everyday protection from bumps and scratches, Totallee’s super thin cases are a great choice.

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