In a recent video, YouTube producer David Lee theorizes and speculates on how Apple is likely to market the upcoming iPad hardware, which is expected to feature the new triple camera system introduced in the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

Utilizing the iPad Pro physical prototype that we exclusively posted about earlier this month, Lee makes a variety of very interesting observations, but his main point is this: The new iPad Pro shouldn’t be about the camera system, it should be about the display.

Using an OLED display would help distinguish it as a pro model, and would also make it much better as a device for capturing and shooting both photos and video, by enabling deeper blacks and by providing much richer contrast. It would also add to the overall color accuracy on the display.

As Lee also noted, it would also make the display more responsive. He also aptly notes that it would bring the device much more in line with the iPhone 11 Pro hardware, adding consistency of experience across the line of professional level iOS devices.

Check out the video for yourself embedded above!