Best iPhone 11 Cases

That iPhone is a is a thing of beauty, it would be a shame if something happened to it!

No, that isn’t a threat but a sad reality. Jamming your phone in your pocket with keys or having it spring out of your grip when the barista calls your name when your double mint chocolate soy latte is ready is no laughing matter. But have no fear we have you and your iPhone 11 covered.

Here are some of our favorite case options.

Tech21 Clear Case

Wanna save your phone for damage and the planet? The Tech21 Clear Case is your best bet. Its completely clear, rock-solid construction Protects from drops of up to 10 feet (3 meters). It’s made from with a “secret germ-killing formula” which is hygienically clean and self healing. Oh and for those of us that care about the future of humanity, it’s stand out feature is being made of a material that is 37% plant based.

Razer Arctech Pro

If you thought razor only made green and black gaming computer cases then you’d be mistaken. The world famous company has created the Razer Arctech Pro iPhone Case with some unique features. Using their knowhow from performance PCs, they have designed a vented case with a “cutting-edge Thermaphene Performance layer” not only to protect from drops and general abuse but also to vent heat so you can get on with processor intensive tasks without worrying about the phone being cooped up in an enclosed space. It is wireless charging compatible and drop certified to keep your nerves at bay. Available in Black, Mercury and Quartz colors.

Totallee Thin Case

The Totallee Thin Case is perfect for the minimalist who’d prefer less bulk and to let the natural beauty of the iPhone to stand out. Thoughtfully designed to be super thin with no excessive bulk or external branding, this case also has a generous camera “lip” to prevent the iPhone’s lenses getting damaged on abrasive surfaces. The Totally Thin case is also avaliable in 3 finishes, matte (clear, frosted black, black ,navy blue and red) totally transparent and leather (black & forest green).

TwelveSouth Book Case

If you’re a fan of wallet style cases, this is one for you. Uniquely design to with a spine that looks like an antique book, the TwelveSouth BookBook offers an exterior magnetic luxury leather folding shell. This not only protects your phone from damage but also doubles as a wallet to hold your bank cards and ID. Plus the exterior shell folds to become a viewing stand for optimal video viewing. If this wasn’t enough, the BookBook case incorporates a leather sleeve which magnetically attaches to the exterior shell meaning you can pull remove your phone from the shell when you don’t need your payment cards. Available in black and brown.

Mophie Juice Park

While you’re on the go, working, browsing, gaming or messaging you need more than just a solid case, you need power too. Obviously thicker than a standard phone case but the benefits are obvious. The 2,200mAh battery built into protective solid mophie Juice pack is perfect for those who need to keep their devices going for as long as possible, offering an additional 15 hours of audio playback and up to 5 hours of video viewing. Unlike many similar devices, it charges the iPhone through an internal wireless Qi charger meaning the lightning port is always available for headphones and accessories. Available in black, Blush Pink and Product Red.

Otter + Pop Symmetry Series Case

If you’ve never heard of it, (where have you been) the popsocket is a collapsible phone grip, that over the last few years became a global sensation with seemingly endless multicoloured collectible designs.

Combine this with the best a best of breed protective Otterbox case and you have a great useful product that allows you to use your phone unhanded or acts as a built in stand. The PopGrip is integrated into the rear case but it’s easy to switch PopTops for that custom personalised look. Compatible with various PopSocket products the case is Qi charging friendly. Colours include: Black, Violet Dusk, Mint to Be, Lollipop, Island Ombre, Mauveolous and White Marble.

Lifeproof Slam Case

The Lifeproof Slam case is a visually striking one piece case design that has been built to protect your iPhone from the rigours or city life. This super thin unit is guaranteed to survive drops from 2 metres and is made of a reinforced plastic to thwart hard knocks. The low profile Slam case is available with a variety of street inspired designs or transparency to reveal your chosen iPhone colour. Colours include: Junk food, Pop art, pink/yellow, yellow/orange, pink/blue and fern/green.

Speck Presido Stay Clear

The Speck Presido Stay Clear is, as it’s name suggests, a completely clear case and it has been designed to stay that way. With a polycarbonate outer shell wrapped around an impact absorbent inner IMPACTIUM™ CLEAR lining, this iPhone case offers up to 8 feet of drop protection. It has a raised bezel to protect your screen from face-down falls and is rated to work with Qi wireless charging. Of course no one likes blurry or discoloured plastics so the Stay Clear Case lives up to it’s name with a specially developed coating to prevent discoloration from UV and oil absorption, keeping your case clearer, longer.

Catalyst Impact Protection Case

The Catalyst Impact protection case surely looks and feels the part with it’s 35gram weight grippy exterior and it’s raised thick bezels. The unit is Military standard 810G rated which means your iPhone will survive a 9.9 foot drop and has passed military standard for pressure, shock, sand and dust ingress. It had full access to all ports and buttons and includes a unique rotating mute switch, so no more awkward searching to get that ringtone muted. Also included is a wrist lanyard which is probably the best way to guarantee protection against drops. Available in stealth black, flame red, Blueridge/sunset and clear

Pelican Shield Cases

The Pelican Shield Case is another military inspired case, taking design inspiration from Pelican’s other rugged products. Made from black Polycarbonate, Thermoplastic elastomers and Kevlar®, it performs exactly as you would expect: It shields your phone against whatever life can throw at you. It has 3x Military grade drop protection multiple latches to secure your device including a holster with belt clip and kickstand. If you thought this was enough there’s one more feature; Pelican will guarantee your case for Life: You break it, they’ll replace it… forever!

Case-Mate Tough Groove Case

The Case-Mate Tough Groove case certainly stands out from the crowd with its unique ridged appearance looking remarkably like a solid suitcase. But this isn’t just a visual choice, the ridged surface is tough but flexible making it easy to grip, protecting your iPhone from bumps and grinds. And if you’re still not convinced, Case-Mate would point your attention to the impressive10ft drop protection! Added to this that theTough Groove case has an anti scratch coating and comes in a magical iridescent rainbow sheen that accentuates the grooves.

Mous Contour Case

The Mous Contour case is an understated unit that screams quality. Built out of Polycarbonate and TPU (which is commonly found in riot shields), the Contour case wraps your iPhone in their exclusive AiroShock Impact resistant material which is designed to dampen impacts by slowing the rate of deceleration. Around all that you will find a specially treated durable and stain resistant leather which is applied with care to minimise wear and fraying. It is fully compatible with Qi wireless chargers and has raised top and bottom edges to protect your screen, without impeding edge-to-edge swiping. Available in blue leather, red leather, speckled leather and white leather.

Mujjo Full Leather Case

The Mujjo Mujjo Full Leather Case is nothing less than elegant. It is a slim, simple beautiful cover that offers protection from the knocks, bumps and falls of everyday life but still retains a quality feel. Made from full grained lined with a microfibre interior, precision stitching and a good bezel to protect your screen. It has a premium look and warm feel which will change and improve over time as the leather wears in with a traditional patina. Available in Tan, Black Monaco blue and Apine green.

Moshi Altra Case

The Moshi Altra Case is not just a solid drop-certified case to protect your iPhone but also a stylish accessory. This slim case is available in two modern textured asymmetric patterns and is 100% non toxic and BPA free and has a water repellent coating. Apart from the added benefits of a raised bezel to protect the scene and soft touch buttons, the case has the unique feature of a detachable wrist strap to allow you to use your hands for other things part from holding your phone. A longer body strap is available to wear crossbody or on the shoulder. Available in shadow black and Sahara beige.

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