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Sound is one of five tenets of our sensory experience on this planet, so it makes sense to want to experience it luxuriously at times. This is understood especially when it comes to entertainment that you personally enjoy and wish to upgrade. Whether it be movies, music, sports, or other immersive media, we can find a new level of enjoyment when the presentation is enhanced, such as by improving the auditory experience. If you have any friends that are self-proclaimed audiophiles, it’s highly possible that you’ve heard talk of the newly released AMBEO Soundbar. You may ask, “What’s the deal with this apparently very special speaker? Can it really change my audio that drastically? How did I get so many friends that all share this extremely specific interest again?” Or if you are said audiophile, you may be interested in seeing whether or not this new device is worth the hefty price. Fret not, as whether you have no knowledge of audio tech or consider yourself a passionate fan of such things, together we can all examine what the AMBEO Soundbar does, how it compares to similar devices, and how it can affect your media consumption forever. As I was able to test out the speaker and use it in various different scenarios, I’ll be highlighting my personal experiences with the device and how it stacks up in the grand world of audio tech.

Right off the bat, one of the most exciting features of the AMBEO Soundbar is the Dolby Atmos, which is meant to make sound feel like it’s coming from around and above the listener. In this case, I’d say the perk deserves its hype. You’d normally have to pay an upcharge at a nice movie theater for an experience this stellar, but this set brings the same effect right into your home. Certain movie scenes really shine with this treatment, making it a breathtaking way to further immerse yourself into an old favorite film or dive into a new adventure. The sound quality is nothing to be trifled with, making sure that you hear every little sound that the original mics picked up during recording. The bass is naturally pretty great, but if you feel like kicking it up a notch, there is a spot to plug in a subwoofer that can pack an extra punch for the deepest rumbles. Music also sounds really great with the AMBEO Soundbar, blasting out even the smaller sounds that would usually be closer to inaudible. Whether you listen to loud rock or quiet classical, this speaker gives the crisp, clear sound that you crave and practically envelops you in the melodies. And although I’m not a sports fan myself, this speaker would almost certainly earn bragging rights for its host on the big game nights. The remote control works well enough on its own, but the app is even better as it allows for control and more sound customization to fit your room and tastes. Bluetooth and Chromecast also come built in, ensuring that anyone can share something interesting and make sure that everyone hears it too!

In all honesty, there’s very little to complain about when it comes to the AMBEO Soundbar aside from the price. You get top-of-the-line quality, professional sound that can change how you view movies and listen to music forever, but you’ll be paying as much as you might for a small used car ($3,995.95 for one model, to be more precise). It’s also fairly large at about 50 inches or so, which means that you may want to mount it (or, if your TV is mounted, have a designated spot for it where it won’t block out any of your screen). In the end, if you have the sort of money to splurge on upgrading your home entertainment system, or even if you are so delighted by the idea of having one that you’d be willing to save up for one, then this is probably an item that you’ll appreciate and enjoy. The price is certainly hefty, but you also get the best of the best, so it’s your call. Some people will certainly opt for a more affordable option and be content with that, but those that do go ahead and purchase the AMBEO Soundbar at full price are the exact people that will love it. It’s a luxury item, so if ultimate auditory luxury is what you’re after, then you may have found just the home speaker system for you.

The Sennheiser AMBEO retails for $3,999 and is available for purchase at Amazon

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