Review: ASUS ROG Phone II – The Cool and Fast Game Changer

Republic of Gamers, the makers that brought us the original gaming phone, have come out with the next level of efficient mobile gaming – the ROG Phone 2. While the original phone was an interesting game-changer, critics agreed that there were quite a few features that could be added or improved on to make the device soar. Now we finally have their answer in the form of this phone, with its intimidatingly large yet smooth design and powerful processor, this phone is poised to become the face of optimized gameplay outside of the world of consoles. This phone can appeal to everyone, especially acting as a dream scenario for little kids asking relatives if they have games on their phone. But for the seasoned gamer, this device offers plenty of options for app store fun without the lag, as long as you can get used to the size.

Design and Features

One of the first things that you’ll notice about the ROG Phone 2 before you even turn it on is its gigantic frame and display screen. It can be a bit bulky depending on what you’re used to, but it does have a web of entrancing glyphs on the back that mark it as unique and a smooth finish (odd note, but this phone can be a bit slippery and you’re probably going to want to put a pop socket or some textured grips on the sides if you plan on making it your primary phone). That said, its the inside of this phone that was made to impress; its 12GB RAM, 1080 x 3240 display, and absolute beast of a processor in the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus are here to shake the table with power. The display is gorgeous, as it should be so that it can show game graphics at their best, and the fact that it has multiple charging ports on both the bottom and side are a plus as well.

Battery and Power

The battery life is also something to write home about, as the 6000mAh battery equipped with ROG HyperCharge capabilities keeps this strong little machine chugging for a very long time. It also comes with a helpful ventilation accessory that can significantly cool down the phone if you’re playing a game that demands quite a bit of power to run at full capacity. And full capacity you will receive on this mobile device, as I saw almost no lag at all during the playtests, even when playing games designed for computers that would make another phone seize up a bit in the heat of battle. No matter what I threw at it in an attempt to slow it down, this phone refused to be halted and be anything less than optimal, so it definitely accomplished what it set out to do. 

Who will most likely buy?

Now, while this can make it a much more straightforward sell to those focused on strong mobile gaming, on the other hand, it may not be as easy to pitch to those who aren’t as focused on the gaming aspect. As a phone standing on its on merits outside of games, it’s fairly good. The camera is decent, the frame can be uncomfortable to hold for texting, and it’ll definitely need a case or other sort of grip in order to be used daily. The processor power does lend itself to non-gaming app usage without slowing down as well, but does that make this phone worth $899 if you aren’t really a gamer? In my opinion, probably not, so the people that make this purchase should be ones that will fully utilize the gaming features in order to get their money’s worth. If you are interested in the gaming aspect, this phone was practically made to please you. It’s up to the customer to decide what they want out of their mobile device and if the ROG Phone 2 would be a good fit for their lifestyle and preferences.

Final Thoughts

Republic of Gamers should be proud of themselves for upping the ante on their previous device. Not shrugging their shoulders and giving us the same old product in a new package, but stepping up and addressing previous concerns and bright new ideas for this new model. After the big win here, I know I’ll definitely be looking forward to seeing what fun and interesting creations this company gives us in the future, but for now, we have this awesome device to talk about and hold our attention. If you’ve been looking for a mobile gaming phone, this one will definitely serve you well, whether being used as your primary phone or just for gaming purposes. If the features I’ve described here have captivated your interest and you believe that you fall into the demographic of people that would really find great use for this phone, definitely do some more research and, if it seems right for you, try one out for yourself and see how mobile gaming is leveling up!

The ASUS Rog Phone 2 retails for $1,398.49 and is available for purchase at Amazon


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