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Most desks we inquire when searching usually have one main style and purpose, sitting or standing. The Autonomous Smart Desk DIY kit has features that create the perfect desk for anyone. It has the ability to adjust its height with a powered controller and control box installed and allows you to choose from 3 different styles. Office Desk, L-Shape & a Premium Office Desk Style.

The automatic standing feature alone makes it incredible! We all know that searching for a new office desk can be time consuming and frustrating. We have to think about how much room the desk will take up, will our current chair or the chair we purchase fit underneath it, and of course how much are we willing to spend? The great thing about the DIY Kit is you can have full freedom to create your own height adjustable workstation using a top of your choice from another source or a top that you already own as long as it fits in the dimensions. You also have the option to purchase the Smart Desk 2 Premium that comes with a top in the configurations below.

Classic Top
53 inches x 29 inches

XL Top
70.5 inches x 30 inches

With this Smart Desk DIY Kit, we no longer need to waste our time thinking about our chair configuration or the specific tops that come with the other selections. The incredible smart height adjustment function works with most other tops we would want to use, so it takes the worry completely away. The do it yourself kit (DIY) can be as low as 25 inches from the ground and can rise up to 51 inches, all powered by a remote control. So no more having to manually crank up the desk which was a huge pain, or even worse remove every item on your desk first and then unlatch each individual leg to manually pull them up or down, while keeping it level. This smart desk keeps itself 100% level while lifting up or lowering down with all your items still in position.

The weight maximum is 300 lbs and honestly that’s way more than the majority of us would ever get close to using. Personally I have 1 Thunderbolt Display, 2 MacBook Pro’s, a keyboard, mouse and a few external hard drives and my wife and I are all set. Others I’ve seen have multiple monitors, speakers, full size computer towers, added plants, cameras, they’ve installed slide out keyboards, and the list goes on. So when it comes to functionality with the desk fully occupied, there is no problem going from a sitting position to a standing position with a touch of a button. It takes such a short time to go from my sitting position to standing that I can keep working while its being adjusted.

Why have so many people chosen this desk over others?

We all have similar needs for an office desk, however we like to add little touches of customization. The minimal design and sturdy foundation makes it an empty slate for creating the perfect workstation. I really hate wires that are all disorganized under a desk or table, so adjusting this desk up high to configure all the cables underneath instead of crawling on the ground is an outstanding feature. It gives us the extra time managing the cables at a somewhat standing position using the included ties that stick to any flat surface, instead of rushing just to get off the floor and probably leaving wires hanging. This also makes it nice for easily installing a power bank or surge protector underneath the desk while its up high. I believe that customers who love this desk like I do, enjoy a clutter free, single flat surface that is big enough for all our needs and can easily motivate us to stand up from our seat and still be able to work while stretching our legs with a click of a button.

The sale price point of $319 up to $539 at the time of this review may seem a little steep to some when compared to other desks we find online, however the quality of this desk with over 1,540 verified purchased 5 star reviews throughout the site sets these apart.

What are the Pros and Cons of this smart desk?


  • Easily go from a sitting position to standing position with 1 button quickly.
  • It’s the best value on the market compared to other desks and you can build it based on your needs.
Its super quiet when lifting and lowering.
  • It can hold up to 300 lbs and still quietly raise up and lower.
  • For anyone who does product videos or photography, this desk works wonderfully to get the desk height perfect.


  • Some customers would still want more configurations and possibly shelves and drawers as part of the desk.
  • You still have to be specific on which desk top would fit within the dimensions given.
  • The assembly manual is not thorough enough and could use some adjustments.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion if you’re looking for a new desk that has a minimal design and can fit in most office areas easily. Then look no further than the Smart Desk DIY Kit by Autonomous. It’s affordable, easy to install, and can match any home décor since you have the option to bring in your own top. The top can be built by you or purchased from another source and installed using the included hardware. As for me, I purchased a 3’ X 6 1/2’ piece of wood for around $63 at a local hardware store. I sanded and painted it black with a few coats of clear before installing and it looks beautiful! I would definitely recommend this desk and the other desks with tops by Autonomous.

The Autonomous DIY Frames retails for $373 and is available for purchase at Amazon as well as from the manufacturer

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