Samsung A30 Smart Lock

Samsung has just released their A30 Smart Lock via Bunnings with an RRP of $569.

The WiFi-connected Smart Lock is the perfect addition to any existing security door providing award-winning design and security.

Using a combination of the numeric keypad and biometric fingerprint data, the A30 Smart Lock allows truly ‘keyless’ access to you and your family – as well as time-bound entry for extended family, cleaners or pet-carers that can be easily set up via the Samsung Smart Doorlock app (Apple | Android).

Adding further peace of mind, people can monitor who has entered the house and when through the Smart Doorlock App. The app also allows people to generate one-time PIN codes for visitors or guests that need to access the home, making the A30 the perfect device for those running short term holiday rentals or an Airbnb.

The A30 Smart Lock arrives on the Australian market at a time when people are most concerned about their residential security.

According to research commissioned by Samsung SDS, 63% of Aussie millennials admitted that they would feel more secure in a smart home. The research also found:

  • 41% of Australians are more likely to buy a smart home device at post-COVID.
  • Over half of Aussies surveyed (54 per cent) believe having your house broken into is more likely than having your car stolen.
  • Gen Z/Millennial Aussies are the more forgetful generation with a quarter (25 per cent) forgetting
    to take their keys with them at least 3 times per year according to last year’s data.

The A30 Smart Lock is easily installed as a replacement for most existing dead-bolt locks and runs on four AA batteries providing months of peace of mind.

With the WiFi connectivity of the A30, the lock is also easily connected to Google Home and Amazon Alexa voice activation systems providing a very useful extension for elderly and disabled Australians for whom movement may be a challenge.

The A30 Smart Lock features a number of in-built safety and privacy innovations including:

  • Lockout (Protect) mode – More than five failed authentication attempts will disable the keypad
    for 3 minutes.
  • Away mode – by setting up this mode, when no one is around for long periods of time, an attempt
    to open the door from the inside will trigger an alarm sound.
  • Privacy mode – prevents your door from being unlocked from the outside.
  • Randomizer mode – prevents people from guessing your code by any fingerprint marks left on the

The Samsung A30 Smart Lock is available nationally exclusively at Bunnings Warehouse. RRP $569.

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