Review: Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

One of the upsides of COVD-19 and the lockdowns is that leisure activities like bike riding and golf are flourishing.

With a renewed vigour for golf and joining one of the local courses, we’ve taken a keen interest in the vast array of golf equipment that is now available at your local pro-shop.

The team at Callaway Australia were good enough recently to send us a couple of sleeves of their new Chrome Soft Golf Balls to try out.

Retailing at approximately $70 per dozen, the 2020 Chrome Soft golf balls contain the latest multi-layer technology from Callaway that provide better feel and as we found on a number of occasions on some very boggy fairways, the flight of these golf balls was impressive.

The other feature we noticed was a distinctive difference in pitch when the ball was struck with a driver. The other feature that we very much appreciated was the three guide-lines painted on each ball. Such a simple innovation that gave us the edge on the green on more than one occasion. Callaway called this ‘Triple Track’ – we call it a very fair advantage.

You can find the Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls at all good pro-shops and retailers such as Rebel Sport. Callaway has a handy retailer locator on their website.

Be sure to look for the TRIPLE TRACK logo on the front of the box.

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