Review: DJI OM 4 – Magnetise Greatness in your World!

When it comes to amazing gimbals, DJI has been the front runner for years. Each iteration of the Osmo Mobile has made the experience of connecting your smartphone to the gimbal easier, faster and smarter. In each model, DJI has extended the possibilities with so many new features to explore. The new DJI OM 4 is outstanding! It has the same sleek design as DJI’s previous model, however, they have adopted a new function that will make you want to upgrade. 

Magnetic Moments at your Fingertips

Instead of describing all the smaller details first, let’s get right to the main feature. The DJI OM 4 includes a new magnetic clamp that wraps around your phone separately for a quick release type function and an alternate magnetic ring holder (included) that can be stuck directly to the back of your phone or case for an even faster magnetic mount. Both options are very lightweight and thin, keeping your phones bulkiness to a minimum. DJI has also included a smaller cap to fill in the extra space for smaller phones.

The magnetic clamp can stay fastened to your smartphone or case and can be removed at any time easily. The magnetic ring holder uses a clean, removable tacking glue to fasten to your phone or case for a more permanent solution. This would be for those of you who plan on keeping the magnetic ring holder on for a while as part of their phones aesthetic. This ring opens out to slip around your finger and hold your smartphone securely against your palm. Alternatively, it can also be used as a smartphone kickstand for handsfree viewing. The glue used by DJI on the magnetic ring holder is none other than 3M adhesive. This tacking agent has been proven for years to leave no residue behind when removing. DJI does include a backup 3M sticker for the magnetic ring holder if somehow it doesn’t stay fastened or gets dirty and needs to be replaced.

Either of the 2 magnetic mounting styles gives the most convenient and fastest phone gimbal readiness on the market. The overall look of the OM 4 is extremely similar to the Osmo Mobile 3. It has the same foldable arm which lowers the footprint and makes it very compact, almost 1/2 the size of when it’s folded out. The buttons are in the same basic location and it includes a small screw in type tripod stand since the bottom of the OM 4 is not flat. This is needed to place the unit down and capture moments that are not handheld. The overall colour is a lighter grey than last years model, and the grip is very soft, making it easy to hold.

Slimmer, Stronger and Smarter

DJI has simplified what used to be an incredibly tedious and somewhat frustrating process regarding any type of steady-cam preparation and made it quick and simple. With the new OM 4 and the magnetic clamp or magnetic ring holder, it takes only seconds to be up and ready to start shooting smooth video. DJI includes a clear plastic phone overlay template to accurately find the best position for the magnetic ring holder and install it to your phone. 

The OM 4 magnets are very strong and can securely hold your phone tight. In addition, DJI added a special groove in the phone magnet and in the OM 4 gimbal to keep them properly connected and unable to spin. This puts your phone in the correct position every time and keeps it from moving around or detaching. This is definitely the fastest and smartest phone camera gimbal setup so far. DJI has removed all of the complications and provided an outstanding tool for our creativity to go wild. This makes it the perfect and needed accessory for filming on the go, and only weighs 389 grams.

DJI has also optimized the OM 4 to collaborate a little better with certain phone brands when it comes to control and overall user experience. This does not mean you will need to purchase a specific phone to use all of the features the new OM 4 gimbal provides. It just means that certain phones will cooperate a little finer or more polished since the software and hardware are interconnected. No matter what smartphone you have, smooth video can be achieved!

Since the first version of the Osmo Mobile, DJI has made it very straightforward to connect your smartphone camera effortlessly, and directly control the shutter without the need of touching the phone itself. The OM 4 is no different. We can still comfortably press the record button on the gimbal controller to start capturing footage and press it again to stop. With the introduction of the Free Mimo App back in 2016, DJI has opened up a world of possibilities for users to create magnificent (pun intended) cinema-style shots with enhanced features that turn every moment into a recorded gem.

DJI OM 4 – The Ultimate SmartPhone Complement

From an uncomplicated shooting experience to a streamlined magnetic quick-release design, DJI has made the ultimate phone stabilizer complement. The OM 4 is foldable, lightweight, efficient and does not break the bank. Attaching your smartphone is a breeze and you can be up and recording in seconds. Anytime inspiration strikes, the DJI OM 4 is the ultimate solution for sharing your world. The easy-to-use features supplied by the DJI Mimo App, including the new ActiveTrack 3.0, DynamicZoom, SpinShot Mode and CloneMe Pano, are just some of the fun and intuitive ways we can all share our extraordinary moments. This app in addition features a compositing video editor that allows you to generate entertaining videos without the need of a computer.

The New DJI OM 4 smartphone gimbal can be purchased directly from DJI as well as on Amazon for $149

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