Review: BenQ 4K UHD Designer Monitor – Style and Function

As digital media and content design have become more mainstream thanks to platforms such as Canva and Sketch, so does the need for high-resolution, high-function displays. The BenQ 4K UHD display certainly lives up to the company’s corporate vision: “Bringing Enjoyment-N-Quality to Life” to users of its products.

This stunning display has quite the name-plate: Designer Monitor with 31.5 inch, 4K UHD, Display P3 (PD3220U).

Each of these elements plays a critical role in the variety of functions built into the display. The clarity of the images on the screen is very impressive. The clarity and performance of this display is super impressive.

This monitor has a special ‘Made for Mac’ feature that ensures that the Retina colours from your MacBook Pro are represented as closely as possible via the Thunderbolt 3 connection – transmitting audio, video, and data as well as power delivery. The specific M-Book mode ensures easy switching between colour modes.

Each BenQ monitor comes with a colour calibration report that certifies that the colour standards you need to see on the monitor are as close as possible to the profiles you use. Display P3, DCI-P3, and sRGB are built in as standard.

Trusted colour by PANTONE and CalMAN verification, 4K HDR10 video support, and Thunderbolt 3 connectivity make this display incredibly versatile. It also has eye care that looks out for you while you’re watching your display.

Also featuring a very low-width bezelled edge, the BenQ 4K UHD display sits atop a telescopic mount that means you have almost effortless hydraulic-like movement for the height of the display from the very sturdy base.

The screen resolution measures 3840×2160 giving a 31.5 inch active screen size.

The display will swivel up to 30º left and right of centre and from -5º to +20º of down and uptilt. The display will also rotate up to 90º providing incredible screen depth in portrait mode – perfect for social media platforms such as TweetDeck or Pinterest.

To make the most of the built-in features of the BenQ 4K UHD display, there is a HotKey Puck controller that allows preferred colour profiles and screen functions to be switched between very easily. This also helps when the screen is positioned farther away from the user.

The display also contains a vast array of connection points:

HDMI HDMI (v2.0) x2
DisplayPort DisplayPort (v1.4) x1
USB 3.1 Hub USB Downstream x3
USB 3.1 Hub USB Upstream x1
USB Type-C USB Downstream x1 (Data)
Thunderbolt 3 x1 (Power delivery 85W, DP alt mode, Data)
Thunderbolt 3 x1 (Power delivery 15W, DP alt mode, Data)
Card Reader  

And for the professionals there is an even longer list of built-in modes:

Animation mode Yes
CAD/CAM mode Yes
KVM Switch Yes
DualView Yes
Darkroom mode Yes
Auto Pivot Yes
Hotkey Puck Yes
Hotkey Puck G2 Yes
Factory Calibration Report Yes
Daisy Chain Technology Yes (Thunderbolt 3 Technology)

The overall design of the BenQ 4K UHD Designer Monitor ensures that it looks at home in a modern high-tech startup environment or on the the desk of an interior designer surrounded by fabrics and homewares.

Available from Amazon for around $2,250 plus shipping.

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