Review: Nimble Disc Smartphone Case

Under the tagline “reuse is the new normal”, Nimble has released a successor to the Bottle Case. Made from 100% recycled CDs and donating 1% of sales to environmental non-profits, the Nimble Disc Case offers many reasons to finally go eco-friendly.

As fast-moving trends compel us into mindless consumption, we keep contributing to the ever-growing amount of global waste. Concepts such as “circular economy” and “cradle to cradle” design have indeed become more transparent and attractive for the ordinary customer but there are still not enough companies producing in a sustainable, ethical way. That is because the question remains: “How can we use our waste to address environmental concerns while still building capital?”. Nimble strives to address this question and brings to the market a beautiful iPhone case that stands for a good cause.

I loved the case even before seeing it, as Nimble sent me a beautifully nostalgic cardboard box containing all four case models. Each case comes in a separate plastic-free, fully recyclable packaging that surprises you, as every box features modified covers of famous albums. From Drake to Nirvana, the clever graphics have a little twist, the Nimble elephant.

Made of what Nimble calls “Replay” material, the Disc Case is available for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 2020 SE. It sports a minimal, clear aesthetic that compliments the design of your iPhone and its colour, while still making sure it is well protected. That is thanks to the impact-absorbing outer band that is quite rigid together with extra reinforcements at the corners and a slightly raised outer lip all around the case. The Disc Case is also 6ft Drop-Test Certified.

Turning the case on the other side, you can see the Nimble logo together with the statement “Made from recycled compact discs” on the lower back side. While still very visible, these extra details are quite subtle and nonintrusive to the design.

A general problem of clear cases is that after a few months of wear, they develop an unpleasant yellow tint. Nimble fixed this by adding a special treatment process that addresses anti-yellowing while also preventing scratches on the surface. Something pleasantly surprising that I noticed is that when in certain light conditions, the Disc Case reflects a subtle rainbow effect reminiscent of CDs.

Another extra feature is the permanent antimicrobial protection that helps a lot with putting your mind at ease regarding the cleanliness of your phone, especially now in the context of a global pandemic.

But Nimble doesn’t stop at recycled CDs. As part of their mission to create a new path for personal tech, with every Disc Case purchase, you receive a free shipping label to send any used plastic cases and if you do, you get a 15% off your new purchase. This is called the One-for-One Tech Recovery Project. As well as being a Certified B Corporation and a member of the 1% For The Planet movement, Nimble has its focus set on working towards a better, more sustainable future.

Designed for longevity, the Disc Case will satisfy all needs of a great iPhone case with the added benefit of contributing to all the causes that Nimble proudly stands for. I suggest you go give their website a look as they talk in more detail about all the schemes that they are involved in.

The Disc Case is available on the Nimble website from $39.95 but can also be purchased through  Verizon. After getting it, I am sure you will never go back to a generic plastic case.

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