Review: Audiofly AFT2 – Quality of Sound, Brings Quality to Life!

As time moves forward, wired headphones seem to be turning into a thing of the past and supposed long lasting wireless earphones are giving false specs and showing exaggerated advertisements. Well, today Audiofly has proven otherwise with an unexaggerated promise of up to 35 hours of play time before needing a traditional wall charger. The New AFT2 True Wireless headphones deliver and its Qualcomm cVc noise cancelation technology works beautifully.

We’ve all been there: fumbling wires with an old pair of headphones on our way to work, or half way through a 30min run only to have our bluetooth headphones start beeping and then die with no way to charge until we’re home. These situations have proven to be very irritable and can even ruin the experience or goal we’ve placed in front of us to achieve. Luckily, because of advancements in technology, we’re getting to see a greater number of companies finding creative battery solutions to expand the possibilities. However, the downside of this development is that it can be increasingly difficult to pick out the best wireless listening devices in this ever-deepening ocean of options.

The question we find ourselves asking is, how can we know which brands will give us the listening experience that we personally need? We can start by identifying the products we’ve tried and found ourselves truly impressed by, and then comparing them to things we may have not enjoyed to really understand our own needs. Australian audio tech developer Audiofly has created a pair of wireless bluetooth earbuds that truly guarantees a long lasting, high quality experience with one of the best in ear noise cancelation technology that is on the market. It seems like they have checked all the boxes on almost every aspect when designing these earphones and it shows. Let’s take a closer look.

First Impressions

The AFT2 Earbuds are delightfully travel-friendly, coming enclosed within a pocket-sized carrying case that doubles as a charger on-the-go. The earbuds are small and discreet but also comfortable, and through use of magnetic docking, are very easy to insert and remove from their carrying case. Each earbud fits in only one direction into its dock and stays firmly attached. You can choose to use either one or both earbuds at once, which is great because the noise canceling feature works so well that sometimes we need to hear our surroundings and this makes it possible.

Adjusting volume, pausing, playing, and skipping songs are all done via touch controls on the side. This is definitely a helpful feature to have, but can also be a little sensitive, so it’s best to adjust their position in your ears first before playing any music or you may end up pausing or skipping tracks accidentally. Touch controls are wonderful for Bluetooth headphones but like any new design, it will take some getting used to before it becomes natural.

Real World Expectations

On their own, the earbuds do have about 10 hours of playtime, but the existence of the portable charging case raises this benchmark to 35 hours, allowing users to quickly recharge 2.5 times before having to plug it in traditionally. Audiofly includes a USB Type C cable and conveniently two sets of silicone tips to better fit the earbuds to your ears if needed. 

The sound quality was surprisingly rich for such tiny Bluetooth earbuds, both with music and spoken audio content such as podcasts or chatting with a friend. The music was clear and enveloping, with solid bass as well. When fitted and properly placed into your ears, they use sound attenuation and noise canceling effects to create the best immerse listening experience possible for such a small device. The audio stays in sync when streaming videos online with either one or both earbuds in. And when it comes to podcasts, the AFT2 earbuds are extremely well-suited for listening to spoken entertainment. In accordance with their innate convenience, they really can be listened to anywhere, as they stay in your ears tightly and reliably. Having a wireless earbud slip out of your ear on the bus or while doing physical activity can be a real pain, so it’s nice to have earbuds that you can trust not to easily fall out for no reason.

Final Thoughts

No matter what you like to listen to and where, the Audiofly AFT2 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are definitely worth your careful consideration if you’ve been in the market for new headphones. These can be considered a worthy investment as well, since you can pick up a call with a single tap and have it sound crystal clear, no matter what the level of sounds are around you. This would be normal in the case of big over the ear headphones, but these tiny in ear speakers truly drown out the background and give you quality true depth sound that can only be experienced by owning them.

With IPX-5 levels of water resistance and four beautiful colors to choose from, this device certainly has a good bit to offer and has really proven its merit as a contender for this year’s top wireless earbuds. The Audiofly AFT2 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds come in at just $129.99, which is a great price compared to other premium quality earphones that start at a much higher price point and have less features. Each consumer will need to decide if this investment will pay off in accordance with their personal lifestyle. Audiofly’s AFT2 Earbuds are available to order now from Amazon and you can learn more directly from Audiofly. Take a look and see if this truly wireless listening device is the perfect fit for your ears.

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