Best Display Alternatives to Apple’s Showcased Monitors in 2020

We are now closing in on 2021 and hoping to find some good deals with comparable information on high-quality displays worthy to be in our top alternatives to Apple’s selected monitors. Let’s figure out which are considered the best overall and what models are worthy to be included in this list. 

When it comes to comparing anything to Apple or Apple sponsored products, the features list and design quality gets to be a little blurred. We search and search but can’t truly find what we are looking for. So we broke down a list of Monitors that have been praised by users and proven to be outstanding products.



We start with the ASUS ProArt 32-inch PA32UCX-PK Display. Asus represents a great new product with a huge 32-inch 4K HDR display with Quantum-dot technology and True 10-bit colour spectrum. This unit presents a lot of in-/output ports f.e. Thunderbolt USB-C (with power delivery up to 60W), HDMI or a HUSB Hub. The resolution output is 3840 x 2160 pixel. It may not be Apple’s XDR, but it’s definitely an outstanding 4K image and looks beautiful. This monitor has the worlds first Mini LED backlight display and supports Dolby Vision and HDR10. Although it is an amazing screen, it cannot be counted as a carbon copy of Apple’s XDR Display. It comes with a few minor disadvantages. Because of the Mini LED backlight, we are presented with a halo effect which can be annoying. If you’re able to spend over US$3,000 and looking for an ultra-high-resolution with a large display, then the ASUS ProArt 32-inch PA32UCX-PK could be just the right decision for you.


Next, we come to the Dell UltraSharp 32inch 8K – UP3218K. Dell has released its new flagship monitor. It’s an 8K (4320p) Display with the max resolution of 7680×4320. Although the human eye doesn’t work in pixels, we do however notice the difference in a sharper, more realistic imaging sequence that is getting closer to a lifelike visual experience on screen. This is especially apparent if we are coming from an older 1080p monitor. This display is built with an aluminum body and sits on a silver steel stand. Dell calls the bezels virtually borderless, using its patent InfinityEdge style and gives the feeling of enjoying the screen without boundaries. It looks fantastic and keeps you absorbed in a distraction free frame. The colors are incredible. Dell supports 100% Adobe RGB, 100% sRGB, 100% Rec.709 and 98% DCI-P3. With the easily adjustable stand, you can tilt, swivel, adjust the height, and turn the monitor, to find the best placement for anyone using it. This monitor is excellent for anyone in CAD design because the resolution is beyond belief. The only negative is the ambient light reflects too much on the screen and causes a slight eye sensitivity. All and all, this is a Pro Display for around US$3,300. As of the release date of this review, unfortunately this Dell UltraSharp 32-inch 8K monitor is no longer available directly in Australia but can be purchased from other sources.


Coming in as our number two choice, we have the LG UltraWide 34-inch 5K- 34WK95U-W. This display by LG is intense! It’s an ultra-wide class 21:9 5K2K Nano IPS LED monitor with a native resolution of 5120×2160 and has HDR 600 support. This display is clear and brilliantly bright. The backlighting is made up of white LED Nanoparticles. These Nanometer-sized LED particles absorb the excess light wavelengths and accurately reproduces richly coloured content to show its truest nature. LG features this as “Delicate Color Expressions”. The bezels are very thin on this display and it comes with an integrated sound system. The overall design of this model is basically the same as last years and sits on a small half-round aluminium stand. For the price of around US$1,200, its a great setup and definitely worth a look!


The BenQ Designer Monitor 31.5 inch, 4K UHD, Display P3 is our top choice on this list. Coming in at US$1,199, this digital content designers dream packs an arsenal of beauty that meets sound versatility. BenQ has designed the ultimate Thunderbolt 3 display by keeping it simple, beautiful and moderate in cost. Easily accessible peripherals located on the side and the bottom which include 2 HDMI ports, a single DisplayPort, 3 USB 3.1 ports for downstream and 1 USB 3.1 port for upstream, an SD Card Reader and of course a USB Type C/Thunderbolt 3 port. This IPS LED monitor welcomes HDR10 content and is 100% sRGB color accuracy out of the box. BenQ promises “Flawless Color Reproduction” through its AQCOLOR Advantage and guarantees to reproduce the colors and details accurately every time. Lastly each monitor comes individually pre-calibrated, with a certification report, guaranteeing the most trustworthy color performance. Definitely a high rated Display to showcase as our #1 pick.

Final Thoughts

We all know that Apple searches and sponsors specific brands and models that work well with their own products. However, this does not mean that these specific models that Apple sponsors are the very best for what we may need. Most of the time, these are way over priced because Apple is backing them. The monitors suggested above are some of the best screens of 2020. These displays are very comparable to Apple’s Pro Displays but will put at least -US$1,699 back in your wallet if you were to buy the most expensive model above or -US$3,800 if you went with one of the other choices including the BenQ Monitor. It’s always a smart idea to check around for deals and compare the specs to what you personally need. Some customers might not even need a 4K/6K or 8K Display and would be perfectly fine with a 1080p Display. So be sure to figure out what your overall purpose for purchasing a new monitor is and make a wise decision.

The world around us has changed drastically and communication that was once easy and straight forward has become a little more challenging. Because of this, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Hangouts, TeamViewer, and other social distancing type apps have become even more popular and are needed to keep working and keep our families close. Because of this, the next thing we will want to focus on is a good webcam. We plan on diving into this very soon, but for now our select choice webcam for 2020 is the Logitech Brio Ultra HD Pro Webcam. It is a little expensive with a price tag of US$349, but an amazing 4K camera that fits in beautifully with any of the new monitors mentioned above. Check back often for more updates.

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