Review: Navman MiCam GPS – Directional Calm

Navman have been at the pinnacle of GPS navigation for over thirty years. Their latest offering takes the best of both worlds and combines them into a powerful digital co-pilot for every journey.

The 5″ Navman MiCam GPS unit is a new addition to the Navman family along with the 7″ Navman MiCam GPS Explore/Truck unit for trucks and caravans. A super-slim profile with a very low profile bezel means the MiCam GPS makes use of every precious inch of your field of view.

The combination of hyper-accurate and easy to use touch-screen GPS navigation with full HD 1080P video is a logical one when you think about it. It’s not until you use the two systems together in a single unit that the benefits really play out.

Out of the box the MiCam GPS gets to work. Attach the suction cup mount to the windscreen and then attach the MiCam GPD until to the mount, plug it into a 12V socket, and you’re away. No twenty-step set-up process. Just a couple of clicks and you’re done. The mounting of the unit is super easy too with magnets ensuring that the MiCam GPS is level and secure.

There are two voice choices – ‘Karen’ and ‘Lee’. I stuck with Karen – although she is very bossy and I had to turn her back-seat driving off for a few of her well-meaning pieces of advice such as “…stop sign ahead” and “…sharp left turn ahead”.

The MiCam GPS is super quick to start-up when you turn on the ignitiion. No sooner have you turned the key or pushed a button and it’s on and recording. After a while you forget it’s even there keeping a close eye on the world around you.

From a GPS perspective the MiCam GPS is equally responsive and easy to use. The touch-screen is super fast although the keys on the on-screen keyboard will be a little small for those of us with plumber’s thumbs. The POI and address entry is much easier via the Navman MiVue Pro app. You can enter any location or address that you need and then tap the Send to MiCam button and in an instant the MiCam GPS has you on your way.

The app is also very useful if you use the Find My Parked Car feature as well as being able to show notifications for incoming calls and messages from your smartphone.

In terms of capturing any incidents that may occur on your travels, the MiCam GPS has a Micro-SD card slot and the internal software takes care of all your recordings. You can specify the length of each clip as well as the G-Force required to trigger the Event recording should you be involved in an accident. Recording of in-car audio can be turned on or off and you can set the video quality up to 1080p HD.

That super HQ camera and sensor really comes into its own on dark and rainy nights. The quality of the video captured is astounding. Every little detail captured with precision clarity.

Another great feature that comes with the MiCam GPS is the 12V socket adapter that includes two USB slots – one for the MiCam GPS and a spare for another device.

All in all, a great device that should be standard equipment for anyone doing lots of driving – or even the teenagers setting out on their first solo journeys.

Available from Navman for $369

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