Review: AUKEY 30000mAh USB-C Power Bank

These days everybody is addicted to personal electronics. Many have tried to go a full 24 hours without using any electronic device and failed miserably. As much time and energy that we use in our daily lives, we have come to rely on these devices. As we’ve all experienced, throughout the day our devices will run low on battery at the worst possible times. The problem we face is finding enough time to stop and charge. A Power Bank is the answer. With Aukey’s 30,000 mAh USB-C Power Bank, you could quickly charge your phone or tablet without complication.

Honestly, there never seems to be enough time to get everything done in a day. Time is money, so any way we can save time is worth it. Whether we are a business man or woman who needs a device constantly charged, or a family who is counting on their electronics to keep the kids from being bored. Aukey’s Power Bank has you covered. Having the ability to quickly charge on the go with a fast and reliable product will save users time and money.

Specs and Features, as per the Manufacturer

Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0

Engineered to refuel devices up to 4x faster than conventional charging. Powered by INOV (Intelligent Negotiation for Optimum Voltage) Technology for fine-tuned power output and more optimized charging cycles. Up to 45% more efficient than Quick Charge 2.0 & compatible with a full range of USB connector types, from A to C.

Turbo Recharge at 5V 4A

Simultaneously plug into the micro USB and a USB-C input on the PB-Y3 to recharge the Power Bank in about 8 hours with a combined current of up to 4A. Large Power Bank capacity doesn’t have to mean long wait to recharge.

AUKEY EntireProtect

Advanced circuitry and built in safeguards to protect devices against excessive current, overheating, and over charging.

Universal Compatibility

Designed to work with all popular USB powered devices from iPhones to Android phones, tablets, photography gear, Bluetooth speakers, headphones and more. Whatever USB powered gear you’ve got, we’ve got you covered.

24 Month Warranty
Battery Indicator Light

Press the power button once to check the remaining battery level. Battery level is indicated by the color of the LED indicator light. green battery indicator light means your Power Bank is charging, when it reaches 100% the light will turn white.

Red 0 – 30%
Green 30% – 70%
White 70% – 100%

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity: 30000mAh
  • Micro-USB Input: 5V 2.4A
  • USB C Input / Output: 5V 3A
  • Output 1 (Quick Charge 3.0): 3.6V-6.5V/3A, 6.5V-9V/2A, 9V-12V/1.5A
  • Output 2 (AiPower): 5V 2.4A
  • Dimensions: 5.9” × 3.3” × 1.1”
  • Weight: 20.4 oz
Universal Compatibility

Designed to work with all popular USB powered devices from iPhones to Android phones, tablets, photography gear, Bluetooth speakers, headphones and more.

AiPower Adaptive Charging Technology

Tuned to support healthier battery function and faster USB charging speeds, AiPower intelligently adjusts power output to match the unique charging needs of all your USB powered gear. With up to 2.4A of dedicated adaptive output per Ai USB port, your devices will each receive the safest maximum recharge rate possible.

Final Conclusion

These figures mean that this Power Bank can meet your needs. It can both quickly and safely charge multiple devices. The 30,000 mAh battery can be a dependable way to power your essential devices. The other fact to keep in mind is the AiPower Adaptive Charging Technology. This may be the most important part of the Power Bank. As much as we depend on our electronics, we need to make sure that nothing we do damages them. With this Technology your devices will not be damaged from an overcharge. Replacing a battery on your electronics can be very expensive. So make a smart choice and choose to invest in a AUKEY’s 30000 mAh USB-C Power Bank!

You can purchase AUKEY’s 30000 mAh USB-C Power Bank either from the official website FOR $75.99 plus shipping or From Amazon for $89.99 plus shipping unless you have Prime.

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