Review: Mophie Charging Powerstation All-In-One

2020 has been a challenging year with so many adjustments needed in everyone’s lives. Traveling has changed, work has changed, even normal interaction with others is now foreign. The one thing that has not changed, is the need to keep our main devices charged and ready, especially when we do anything away from home. The all-new Mophie Charging Powerstation All-In-One has you covered!


On-the-go power is a needed component to maintain functionality throughout the day. Although our Apple products have amazing battery life, they still need to be charged at random times with heavy usage. Carrying around a specific charger for every device is overwhelming and troublesome. Mophie has been in this industry for quite some time and keeps up with the ever-changing needs for portable charging. This year was no different, they built an all-in-one solution for charging on the go.


Compared to most portable charging solutions, this all-in-one powerstation by Mophie lives up to its nickname “The Swiss Army Knife of Portable Chargers”. It’s capable of charging up to 4 devices at once and in different ways. With its slim 8,000 mAh battery, the powerstation can charge simultaneously an iPhone, AirPods or AirPods Pro, an Apple Watch and any compatible Qi-enabled device wirelessly. Whether your friends have an Apple device or not, the powerstation all-in-one will do its job and charge any battery through the 18W USB-C (PD) port.

With just a push of a button, users can expect a reliable battery that can produce up to 42 hours of power when it’s essentially needed. That means you can achieve a 50% battery increase in just 30 min of charging through the USB-C (PD) port. By pressing the battery’s status button for 3 seconds, it will begin charging your devices. The LED light Indicators on the side represent how much battery life is available. Another detail to point out is users can definitely (CONVENIENTLY) charge their devices while the powerstation is being charged itself. (It is recommended to use a compatible wall charger and not to charge the powerstation from your computer)


  • USB-C (PD) port – Distributes up to 18W of power or can be used to recharge the powerstation.
  • USB-A port – Delivers sufficient power to charge compatible products.
  • Qi Wireless Charging – Delivers up to 5W to your iPhone keeping it safe and regulated.
  • Built-in Apple Watch Magnetic Charger – Charge it lying flat or in Nightstand Mode by flipping it up.
  • Dimensions – 2.83 in x 6.48 in x 0.7 in (72 mm x 164.7 mm x 17.7 mm)
  • Weight – 0.240000 lb

This new Mophie Charging Powerstation All-In-One comes in two universally accepted colors, black and grey. Both have a metallic outer edge and feature a high-gloss top surface, giving it a very premium and beautiful design. The compact, portable unit is lightweight and fits in any bag or backpack easily.


In conclusion, the upgraded charging capabilities of Mophie’s All-In-One Powerstation is outstanding. Having the ability to leave all the individual chargers at home, and only bring this one device seems too good to be true. But users can relax and remove that concern, because this one does it all. 

The Mophie Charging Powerstation All-In-One can be purchased from the official Zagg Website for $139.95 and soon to be on Amazon.

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