Review: Belkin Ultra HD High Speed 8K HDMI Cable

A lot of us have a random box of HDMI cables sitting in the closet or under our bed. How many times have we gone through 2 or 3 cords before finally finding one that actually works? Setting up a new streaming device or video game console to our TV or monitor at times feels like a chore.
One of the biggest annoyances are HDMI cables that are too flimsy and we wonder why they were ever made in the first place. Some people will throw them out because they’re honestly not worth keeping, while others will store these cables away, in hopes that one day they will find some use for them. Wouldn’t it be great to have an HDMI cable that works 100% of the time, every time? Let’s find out.

So Apple has just announced a brand new Apple TV 4K at their April 20th, 2021 event. This new device includes the incredible A12 Bionic chip that will greatly enhance our TV viewing experience and improve the visual speed of the menu and all of the apps. Although Apple has not updated the look of the Apple TV 4K itself, they have redesigned the much needed Siri remote control to replace the black aluminum and glass remote that so many people have accidentally broken. The new design reflects the original Apple TV’s remote made of recycled aluminum and a better all around feel. However, having a new product like this doesn’t always mean an easy cable swap. Not all HDMI cables will achieve the quality of performance that would be expected from an 8K HDR supported product like Apple is releasing. So instead of buying a cheap knock-off brand, full of false advertisements and questionable reviews, go with a company that keeps up with the gold standard for high speed cables, Belkin.
Belkin has the perfect cable that is exactly what any user will need for the new Apple TV 4K. The Belkin Ultra HD High Speed 8K HDMI cable supports the highest resolution available. No matter what TV you’re viewing on, this cable will provide the best quality each particular television can achieve. It will give you the best refresh rate, brightness, contrast and color, along with the most advanced high dynamic range technology offers and is compatible with Dolby Vision™. This cable made by Belkin is compatible with any HDMI device, so for any future needs, this cable will be ready to take on the challenge. Specific details about Dolby Vision™ configuration can be found on their site.
•Dolby Vision compatible
•Supports 8K HDR (Dolby Vision and HDR 10)
•1-meter cable is perfect for connecting to UHDTVs
•Compatible with any HDMI device
No more searching for a supported HDMI cable in your personal box of wires, just plug this Belkin cord into your new Apple TV 4K or similar device, and enjoy the next generation of immersive home entertainment. These cables can be found HERE for $79.95
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