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Few companies around the world have actually succeeded at creating something truly brand new. The well known ZHIYUN-Tech is one of those exceptional companies. ZHIYUN believes in the power of photos and videos to capture the most important moments in our lives in the most efficient and beautiful way possible. They have engineered some of the best professional gimbals for full frame cameras like the Crane 2S and Crane 3S. They have also designed a smaller, consumer size camera gimbal, the Crane-M2, which features an easy-to-use quick setup system and smart lock, with six creative operation modes. We can’t forget about the very popular cellphone gimbals such as the SMOOTH Q3, SMOOTH 4 and SMOOTH X /XS which inherited ZHIYUN’s great technology from the professional gimbals. In all of their technological exploits, ZHIYUN-Tech continues to set the bar higher and higher for competitors around the world delivering high quality products to its users and continue to promise new things not yet on the market. Let’s take an in-depth view of this incredible company. . .

Solely Dedicated to Professional Gimbal Manufacturing

In January of this year 2021, ZHIYUN-Tech’s CES representative gave us an inside look at what’s to come for this ingenious company. ZHIYUN, along with its competitors, may have been slowed down by the pandemic, but at their core, they’re the world’s only company solely dedicated to professional gimbal manufacturing. Because of this, they are NOT planning on letting anything stop them from innovating the future.

Throughout our lives, we play back memories of things we hold dear – from special gatherings with our grandparents to school events, sports, vacations and holidays. With today’s technology, we have the ability to record extremely high-quality footage on devices that are exceptionally small. One of these gadgets that most of us keep in our pockets are our cellphones. Most cellphones today can take up to 4K beautiful, color accurate videos that look amazing. However, no one wants to be rude and say “your footage is making me dizzy”! When it comes to full-size cameras, it is even harder to achieve smooth cinematic footage without any help. This is why it is so important to invest in a gimbal. ZHIYUN-Tech’s engineers spend quality time vigorously reevaluating their own products, to find the best future proof solutions for each type of camera adaptation on the market. This is far better than just trying to make a somewhat new gimbal version for that year with slightly upgraded designs. They keep the future in mind on every endeavor, staying up-to-date on new technology everywhere.

Some may assume that digital camera stabilization works just as well and that the need for a gimbal is only for professionals. Enhanced digital stabilization from within our cameras can help reduce motion, but it is easily recognizable if the user is not continuously doing movements to help stay steady. Even with digital stabilization on, the user must remain focused on the image at hand, which makes them lose out on the experience. With a gimbal from ZHIYUN-Tech, this takes away the concern and worry of bumpy and shaky camera footage, so the user can focus on the shot without worrying about holding absolutely still. Leave the pinpoint, perfect precision to the tech and allow the experience to happen in front of you. ZHIYUN-tech reminds us directly on their website that the videos we take using one of their products will allow us “a better way to keep moments for everyone”. This has been the ongoing process each year with every software and hardware upgrade. The statement means more than the words used. It is a motto for our life of memories. Getting beautifully smooth footage of grandma opening a gift from her granddaughter can brings everyone to happy tears watching it years later. It’s true; bumpy footage can bring joy as well, but to see their faces crystal clear is something you will never want to forget.


A Better Way to Keep the Moments for Everyone

It has been 5 years, since the first crane was launched. Since then, ZHIYUN-Tech has continued to innovate and keep both professional cinematographers and amateur videographers happy. From the beginning, they knew the world was changing, so they adapted their amazing technology to include everyone that has some kind of camera. Not only did they stay true to providing upgraded professional gimbals, but ZHIYUN launched a product that was designated for consumers the same year. This started a whole new generation of ZHIYUN devices, beginning with the SMOOTH 2 in April 2016. This was built directly for anyone. Whether you were a smartphone video blogger or just someone wanting to get smooth footage at an amusement park or a family get-together, the SMOOTH 2 was the way to go. ZHIYUN’s products were definitely made to encompass everyone with their versatility.

To demonstrate just how detail oriented ZHIYUN-Tech is when it comes to quality, let’s take a closer look at the “Crafted to Perfection” CRANE 2S, ZHIYUN’s legendary handheld gimbal for professional filmmakers. The CRANE 2 series is widely recognized as the exemplar of the 3-axis handheld gimbals. It has proven to be the pioneer of excellence in the gimbal world. Some of us may remember hearing the statement that derived from the 1970’s “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”. This true-to-life expression comes into play with the upgraded CRANE 2S. ZHIYUN-Tech knew they had an outstanding product, so instead of attempting to recreate a design that was already beautiful and accurate, they enhanced the current structure and tweaked the parts that could use improvements. This includes the new FlexMount System, which simplifies the setup process while keeping your camera secure with a double safety mechanism. The upgraded built-in focus wheel and motors allow for precise digital and mechanical focus control with rotation dampening to help videographers pull focus through muscle memory. This isn’t just a convenience, but an integral feature that helps users get the perfect shot every time. The CRANE 2S also has a carbon fiber handle which lowers the overall weight of the gimbal, while maximizing the payload. It can handle large cameras such as the BMPCC 4K/6K, Canon EOS 1DX Mark II, Panasonic S1H, and Sony A7S3 with complete confidence. For anyone in need of high-quality, vertical shooting, the CRANE 2S comes standard with a vertical quick release mount ready at all times. No need to bring additional accessories or switch out parts, just reposition the camera and lock it in using the safety knob. These new subtle enhancements make the CRANE 2S nearly perfect for most videographers.

Not many years ago, this type of stabilization was something of the future. Having a product that counters our movements with hardware and software didn’t seem possible. We have come to an era of technological advancements beyond our imagination. We live in a world where logic is being questioned by the designs of geniuses. ZHIYUN-Tech has so many extraordinary things planned for the world, and they are just getting started! ZHIYUN is continuing to launch upgraded products in regards to performance and innovation to their classics this year and promise some special unknown products to come in the near future. Keep checking ZHIYUN-Techs official website and social media accounts for more information.

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