Review: Nimble Apollo & Apollo Duo Fast Charger

In a world where it feels increasingly difficult to make purchases with our environment in mind, we can use more companies like Nimble. Nimble is a company that puts our Earth first from very early on in their design process and it really shows in not only their products, but also the packaging for their products.

The first thing that you notice when receiving your Nimble Apollo Charger is how much thought was put into the packaging. True to their claims, there is not a single piece of unnecessary plastic packaging that plagues so many of our purchases today. This was a win right off the bat for me since one of my biggest pet peeves is the use of plastic in such unnecessary ways today.

In the Box

Both the Apollo and the Apollo Duo come with their own power supply which takes all of the guess work out of finding a power block that will supply the necessary wattage in order to fast charge your device.

Another pleasant surprise included with every Nimble purchase is a bag that you can fill with up to 1 pound of e-waste to be recycled by Nimble. Just make sure that you aren’t including any batteries in your recycling bag, as that can be super dangerous!

The Nimble Apollo comes with a USB-C charging cable that is permanently attached to the charger end of the device, and a 20W power block that it plugs into. The charger itself is super flat measuring in at only 8mm thin at its thickest point. This makes it easy to throw in your travel bag to bring along with you wherever you go.

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The Apollo Duo comes with a barrel adapter that plugs right into the wall, and has an interchangeable prong end so that you can use whichever electrical outlet format you might need. Rather than the plug being permanently attached to the device end like the Apollo, the barrel plug can be removed from the device itself. While not quite as thin as the single version, this charger is still super portable and will absolutely be your go to device for any upcoming trips you might take where you need to charge more than one device at a time.

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Charging & Features

The chargers feature just a single white LED which is illuminated whenever your device is properly placed and charging. This is great if you (like me) hate when a super bright LED lights up your entire bedroom at night. If you misplaced your device on the pad the LED will blink to let you know that you need to adjust the placement.
The Apollo Duo includes an LED for each device charging spot.

The chargers are made from recycled plastic, and the surface is slightly rubbery as to ensure that your phone doesn’t slide off the charger when nudged. There is also a small magnet inside each charging pad which lines up with your MagSafe enable Apple device that keeps the device in the proper place – a really nice touch.

When I have the charger connected to my iPhone 12 Pro, the charger actually stays attached to the phone if I need to pick the phone up to take a look at the screen quickly.

Both the Apollo and Apollo Duo will charge devices at up to 15W, so truly fast charging. They will charge any Qi enabled device, so most Android phones, newer iPhones, and the wireless charging AirPods.

Wrapping Up

Overall Nimble as a company seems to be doing great things when it comes to joining environmental sustainability along with high end charging solutions.

If you’re looking for a sweet Qi charging pad that supports fast charging and is small enough to take with you on the go, then look no further than the Apollo and Apollo Duo! The best part is you can feel good about the impact that your purchase will have on our environment as well.

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