Review: BlackVue DR900S-2CH

In this day and age, car dashboard cams are becoming a worthwhile investment for businesses and individuals everywhere. Not only must a dashboard camera be top-notch in the video quality, but it needs stand-out features that make it worth the price by being more accessible and easy to use than ever. Recently, I was able to try out the BlackVue DR900S-2CH and see how it compares to current market competitors in terms of general quality and extra bonus features that can make life easier for the user, whether they’re a tech expert or not. So let’s take a look at why I found this dash cam to be a great hit after my trial period.

To start off with basics, I really enjoyed being able to record the video however I wanted. There are options to record in 1080p at 60 frames per second, or 4K UHD at 30 frames per second. This really depends on your personal video preferences, but I tried out both settings and they each came out clear as day, so no matter what you prefer, you’re getting good quality. The video compression is also fantastic, making it so that you can store hours of video without it taking up an unreasonable amount of space. The cameras have a fantastic range of view and were able to compensate no matter the lighting changes, especially the front camera. They even have a night-vision mode, time-lapse mode, and parking mode! So rest assured, if you need to record it, there’s a setting included that was made especially for it. Parking mode was especially interesting, in that your device will automatically detect when the car has stopped and switch modes. While in parking mode, your vehicle is fully monitored using motion detection and shock detection technology to assure you that you can always keep an eye on it. And if it does detect shock or motion, it’ll save these incidents in a separate folder for easy and discernible access.

Recording ability is certainly one of the most important first-impression features, but do you know what convenience you and your car passengers are sure to love? A built-in Wi-Fi network with a 5Ghz band. This can definitely be something that comes in handy, especially on long trips or driving with kids. But the greatest feature of all, in my opinion? The BlackVue Cloud and connected iOS/Android app. Not unlike a digital doorbell, this gives you the ability to connect to your dash cam device at any time and from anywhere. The live view ability is a great draw for people on the go who want to check in on their car, and you can set it up so that you get important BlackVue push notifications directly to your phone in real time. You can back up important videos, play videos from the device’s memory, and download any videos that you may need. This was definitely my most-used feature, as all good technology should be supported by an equally good app for maximum optimization and customer satisfaction nowadays.

It’s little conveniences like these that make the BlackVue DR900S-2CH rise above in the market of competition, which can seem hard from an outsider’s perspective when it comes to a device as straightforward as a dashboard cam. Sure, you could go with a standard version that just does what it needs to do and nothing else, but you’re bound to have some minor to moderate irritations when it comes to a cheaper, feature-light model. I also enjoyed the simpler aspects, such as how easy it was to install and how unobtrusive to the eye it was after being installed. There’s nothing like an eyesore of a dash cam cluttering up your dashboard and disrupting your field of vision, which I can happily say that this device does not do. I would definitely recommend the BlackVue DR900S-2CH to any person or business looking for a solid line of dashboard cameras with plenty of awesome extra features.

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