Review: Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro – A Stylish Digital Training Companion

We love a good smart device at SonnyDickson and the good folk at Huawei have given us a few to try in recent months – the Watch GT 2e as well as the Band 6 both of which we really like a lot – for different reasons

More recently, we’ve been giving another of their smartwatches a really good long-term test – the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro.

Like the more rugged Watch GT 2e, the Watch GT 2 Pro is a full-sized smartwatch that easily competes with the best that Apple, Samsung and Hublot can throw at it.


The Watch GT 2 Pro is impressively rugged and the Titanium and Sapphire Glass construction are fused perfectly which ensure the highest build quality and dependability.

Weighing only 65g the colour combination of the Nebula Grey body and the grey/brown leather strap means the Watch GT 2 Pro sits on your wrist with elegant anonymity. This is not a shouty “look at me watch” – which I really like.

Two beautifully knurled buttons sit on the right-hand edge of the watch that manage power and other key functions that support the 35mm AMOLED 454×454 pixel touchscreen.

Flip the Watch GT 2 Pro over and a ceramic rear case encloses the optical heart rate sensor and the wireless charging port. Fortunately, on the Watch GT 2 Pro, wireless charging avoids unsuccessful charging connections that could happen with the Watch GT 2e.

Sensors – The More You Measure, The More You Know

The Watch GT 2 Pro steps up the sensor game with an impressive array that would make a Cessna pilot smile.

There’s an Accelerometer, a Gyroscope, a Geomagnetic sensor, an optical heart rate sensor, and an air pressure sensor. Add to that proper (and fast!) GPS connectivity and Bluetooth 5.1.

What this all means is that for any of the 100 workout modes built into the Watch GT 2 Pro the tracking of any of those activities is very precise.

The Geomagnetic sensor combined with the GPS for example means that you can set off on a bushwalk and safely find your way back thanks to the inbuilt mapping capability.

The GPS makes a huge difference to the tracking of any outdoor activity. A feature that I particularly like is that the Watch GT 2 Pro will alert you if it thinks you have set off on a run and forgotten to start the tracking.

Tracking 100 Activities

As we mentioned above the Watch GT 2 Pro packs 100 sports modes built into the beautiful Titanium and Sapphire Glass body. These modes include new sports modes such as skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding and the golf driving range.

The skiing mode monitors your average speed, distance, trajectory, cumulative descent, maximum slope, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation and more, with voice reminders to ensure safety.

Golf driving range mode is ideal for those seeking golf perfection as the very clever sensors in the Watch GT 2 Pro analyse your swing tempo and speed, even acting as a private trainer providing visual swing demonstrations on the watch face.

Swimming is now a reality with the Watch GT 2 Pro thanks to 5 ATM water resistance. Scuba diving, waterskiing, or other activities involving high-velocity water ingress or submersion below a reasonably shallow depth will render the watch quite broken.

In addition to the new sports modes, the Watch GT 2 Pro caters for a diverse range of extreme sports, leisure activities, water sports, ball games and snow sports.

In order to get the most out of your outdoor activities – no matter how extreme – the Watch GT 2 Pro ensures you are ready to face the elements. It’s super easy to track the sunrise, sunset, moon phase, tide times and severe weather alerts thanks to all the sensors.

Your Health is So Important

All the sensors packed into the Watch GT 2 Pro means that a huge amount of very useful data is being collected. In order to maximise the value of that data, we need to analyse and interpret the findings.

This is where the Huawei Health App comes in. Available for iOS and Android devices, the Huawei Health App presents all the information that the Watch GT 2 Pro has gathered in easy to read and understand formats.

Beyond the basic data of Steps, Heartrate and Active Hours in a Day, Huawei Health digs deeper into valuable data such as your Cadence and Pace when on a run or a walk.
Sleep, Stress and your Blood Oxygen levels (SpO2) are just a tap away.
So, the longer you wear the Watch GT 2 Pro, the more data is gathered and potentially life-changing insights emerge.

Day to Day

On a daily basis the Watch GT 2 Pro is very easy to live with. A full sized AMOLED screen is very easy to read in almost any light. The casing is strong and not too heavy. They leather band easily interchangeable with hundreds of other options available from Huawei and other 3rd party suppliers.

The 14-day battery is a big hit especially if like me you’re the sort of person that prefers to wear a smartwatch rather than charge it constantly.

I also love the fact that I can’t answer a call or reply to a text with the Watch GT 2 Pro. Yes, it alerts me to both functions but keeps me focused on the task at hand.

After a couple of months now and more than a few bumps and submersions, the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro looks and feels as good today as it did when we first unboxed it.

If you’re looking for a smartwatch that fits into your everyday life and will diligently keep an eye on your physical health as well as helping you to get the most from your passions and lifestyle then the Watch Gt 2 Pro is for you.

Available now from Huawei – $439 RRP

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