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The iPad is an amazing device that can just about replace a laptop for most everyday users. Though any power user will tell you that no matter how good the touch interface is on an iPad, this on its own isn’t quite enough. By adding mouse and trackpad support to iPadOS Apple finally paved the way for the iPad becoming the laptop replacement for its users. Apple has released its own keyboard and trackpad case for the iPad, but the price point is pretty hefty. Luckily this is where third party iOS accessory companies have flourished, and among those companies Zagg has cemented itself.

Zagg’s Pro Keys with Trackpad case is an excellent choice for anyone looking to turn their iPad into a full fledged laptop replacement. And though it is less than half the price of Apple’s solution, it certainly doesn’t feel like it. Theres even a number of features that Zagg’s keyboard case has that Apple’s doesn’t. If you’re interested to learn more about this product the continue reading below.


As far as features go, Zagg pulled out all of the stops for this keyboard case. There’s more info on some of these later in the article but here are just some of the features that Zagg managed to pack in to this amazing product:

  • 6ft Drop Protection
  • Easily Detachable Keyboard
  • Backlit keyboard (7 different colors)
  • Apple Pencil Holder
  • Integrated Trackpad
  • USB-C Charging
  • Dual Device Support
Pro Keys with Trackpad Case

First Impressions

Zagg packages their keyboard case in a cardboard box with a minimal amount of plastic packaging. No plastic is always a huge plus for me. This also allows you to see how the case looks and feels before actually purchasing it you can.

The first thing that you’ll probably notice about this keyboard case is that it is actually two pieces. This is one of the best features of this case in my opinion. The piece that holds the iPad magnetically attaches to the keyboard portion of the case. One of the gripes that I have about most keyboard cases for the iPad is that they make it either impossible to use the iPad as a tablet; or they make it feel so bulky that you might as well not. Zagg hit the nail on the head here. They make it super easy to either use the iPad as a tablet OR a laptop.

The part of the case that attaches to your iPad is a rugged rubber material that makes you feel like your device is truly protected. The case has just enough play in it to allow you to fit it onto your iPad without feeling like it’s going to fall out. This case then snaps right into place on the included keyboard whenever you’re ready to get some “real work” done.

The keyboard and trackpad are both paired to the device via a single step. You can pair both of them the same way that you would pair any other keyboard via your device’s bluetooth menu. Once paired the trackpad just works alongside the keyboard.

The keyboard itself has a number of useful shortcut keys along the top row that you’ll be familiar with if you’ve used any iOS keyboards before.

Pro Keys case without keyboard

Everyday Use

Before writing a solid review on a product like this I like to use it in my everyday life for at least a week before making a verdict on whether it is a good purchase or not. After using the Zagg Pro Keys with Trackpad I can say that I see myself using this case on a regular basis from here on out. The keyboard itself has a great feel to it, which is something that a lot of iPad keyboards lack. The backlighting is almost a necessary feature for me at this point, so I was thrilled with that feature. And the overall feel of the keyboard trackpad combo truly made me forget that I wasn’t using a laptop more than once.

The Verdict

If you’re the kind of person that needs a keyboard to get work done with your iPad then you’ve got quite a few options. If you don’t want to shell out the almost $400 for the Apple Magic Keyboard, Zagg hears you. The Zagg Pro Keys with Trackpad is a great alternative to Apple’s solution. And honestly, even if you did want to spend the $400 on the Apple variant, I would still seriously consider Zagg’s option before doing so.

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