For those of you that remember, about a year ago we published an in-depth review of Tovala’s excellent steam-enhanced countertop oven that can scan your frozen foods, cook them to perfection, and even deliver meals straight to your door. We’re happy to announce that the Tovala is now available for even less – a full $200 off when you order Tovala’s exceptional meal kit deliveries for 6 weeks (trust me: they are very well worth it!). Head on over now and take advantage of the extra savings for a limited time!

From our official review:

Tovala’s promise is one of convenience: instead of having to prep and cook a meal from scratch, order takeout, which can be expensive and unhealthy, or even use a delivery meal kit, which often still require prep of their own, Tovala offers a neat, prepackaged meal that is ready to go in their oven in about two minutes. Each comes with a main course, as well as a vegetable or a side. And in most cases, the only prep is putting the protein or main dish in the included foil pan, add a sauce or seasoning, repeat the same with a side, pop them both in the oven, scan a barcode, and relax for 15 to 20 minutes.

And, spoiler alert: We were very impressed and felt like they delivered on the concept brilliantly!

Head on over and pick one up today!