Review: Gozney Roccbox Portable Pizza Oven

Delicious and Fast, Gourmet Food Made From The Comfort of Your Own Home.

From the sleek design to the top quality food this restaurant grade portable oven can help create, the Roccbox is by far the best pizza oven I’ve ever used. With so many different portable ovens on the market, what makes this model the chef’s choice for creating the perfect pizza? Let’s find out.

The foldable stainless steel legs and easily detachable and interchangeable burners make this pizza oven very portable and extremely easy and fast to set up. I also like the fact that you can choose whether you want to experience and taste that classic wood-fired brick oven flavor or have the convenience of the fast gas burner, that was designed to replicate the true wood flame. The Gozney Roccbox portable pizza oven reaches the insane temperatures of 950°F with a quick and simple turn of a dial. The wood burner is perfect for taking on the go and also works great with camping, while the propane gas burner is great for anything like a last minute pizza night at home with the family.

I personally love using the wood burner and taking my Roccbox out on the boat for a fun day on the river.

A Wide Range of Creative Gourmet Recipes.

Of course, pizza is only one of the many dishes you can cook in this amazing oven. On the Gozney website, as well as in the recipe book that comes with the oven, you can find a wide variety of recipes that they provide. You can find anything from classic Neapolitan Pizza, to ribeye steak, to breakfast and dessert items like cinnamon rolls. All of their recipes are delicious and come out fantastic in the Roccbox. There really is something for every food lover’s palate. The recipes are easy to follow, whether you’re a beginner or a professional chef. My personal favorite recipe that I found on their website is the Vegan Tikka Masala & Naan and it only needs to cook for around five minutes! One of my favorite pizza recipes that I make all of the time, usually needs to cook in a standard oven for around fifteen to twenty minutes. I was surprised to find out that I could cook the same pizza in the Gozney Roccbox, for only one to two minutes!

It’s Easy to Set up and Cooks Meals in Seconds

Even though I love to cook, I don’t like all of the hassle that comes with assembling new kitchen gadgets and appliances, so the Roccbox definitely caught my attention when I first saw it. I was so happy to see that it had little to no assembly so that I could start cooking right away. All that you need to do is take everything out of the box and turn your Roccbox over on its side. Attach the burner by simply lining it up and twist it into place until you hear a click. Then you can unfold the three chrome legs and you are done! It’s now time to preheat and cook. The engineers at Gozney really put a lot of effort into making sure that the Roccbox had tons of advanced technology, while still being simple enough for anyone to use and understand. They also made sure that you could make high quality meals fast and easy, which means less stress in the kitchen (Or outdoor kitchen in this case), and more time with your family and friends.

Design Quality and Functionality

The Gozney Roccbox is definitely one of the best functioning pizza ovens, along with one of the best looking on the market that you will find today. This portable Roccbox oven comes in two colors; an earthy olive green and a very sleek and modern stark gray. Both colors are accompanied with the beautiful chrome stainless steel trim and accents which look great in any outdoor kitchen setting.

Along with getting a very high quality pizza oven, the other accessories that come with it surely don’t disappoint either. In the box that your oven comes in, you also get this sturdy and very lightweight pizza peel, that fits very nicely in the Roccbox. You also get a recipe book and a bottle opener, which can come in handy when hosting an outdoor get together with friends. There’s also a black Velcro grip around the Roccbox itself which makes it even easier to take out of the box and move around on the go. When you flip your Roccbox onto its side, you’ll notice these three sleek chrome stainless steel foldable legs that are very durable and sturdy, making it even more portable. This definitely makes a classy statement piece which stands out from any of my other kitchen appliances.

Safety and Unbeatable Performance

One thing that stood out to me was the fact that the stainless steel chambers for both wood and propane, never really got too hot, so I didn’t need to worry about where I put the Gozney Roccbox. Because of the chambers not getting too hot, you don’t need to put any stones underneath it. That was really helpful for me, considering that I put it on a butcher block countertop. To prevent the possibility of burning your hands, Gozney has developed a high quality safe touch silicone jacket to keep each user protected. This way, if someone were to bump the oven, both the pizza and the person wouldn’t be burned. The unit sits at a comfortable weight of 20 kilograms/around 44 pounds, making it lightweight, yet still sturdy for everyday use.

Gozney brilliantly patented the Baffle Plate technology which sends the flame up the dome shaped ceiling and towards the open door. This one of a kind technology creates the perfect distance between the rolling flame and the 19mm cordierite stone floor which is used for unrivaled heat retention. This thick stone helps cook from the bottom up and not just top down. Gozney took pride in this product and engineered it without compromise to make sure the Roccbox was built to last.

Overall, the Gozney Roccbox portable pizza oven is really state of the art. This is now my new favorite oven in general because one, you can cook literally anything in an extremely fast amount of time and two, you can definitely tell that the designers and engineers at Gozney really put a ton of effort into making sure that this product is user friendly, portable, efficient and fun to use. Visit the Gozney website today to purchase your Roccbox portable pizza oven which starts at a reasonable price of $799AU & $499US. Gozney also has many wonderful accessories available on their site. The Roccbox can be purchased on Amazon as well.

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