Review: Under Armor’s Latest Innovation in Bluetooth Footwear

Our clothes say much about us—specifically, the shoes on your feet. Likewise, your footwear or the lack of it can say much about you. Sometimes we might even sadly say, “He does not even have a pair of shoes.” Indicating the economic status of an individual, that they must be underprivileged. Many a restaurant even has a rule including “No shoes .. no service”.

On the other hand, shoes can denote a bit of accomplishment or refined taste. I recall one teacher in secondary school could identify a type of shoe an individual was wearing. Simply by the sound, it made when you walked into his room. So shoes are such a necessity and their track history of use by humanity in general. Unfortunately, not much more can be said to improve this mainstay of our closets. However, Under Armor has enhanced the unimprovable The generations of shoe savvy, today’s shoe technology, and the future of consumer needs created the UA HOVRtm Phantom 2 IntelliKnit Running Shoe. This new addition to the UA brand is in line with their mission statement “to make all athletes better through science, passion and the relentless pursuit of innovation.” That statement is proven true with the HOVRtm Phantom 2 lineup.

First, we will address the technology innovation for this trainer. Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect your shoes to the MAPMYRUN app. Again this is designed for ALL athletes. So if you’re just starting or keeping tabs on your morning jog, you can keep track of it. Otherwise, if you’re hitting it hard and working on some long-distance acne runs, the app not only tracks your progress. Additionally, it provides coaching tools and personalized trading plans.
The basics. So the shoes have new tech. But how does it feel? Well, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” UA has integrated their patented HOVR cushioning technology in the midsole. The HOVR system is designed to provide a comfortable ride for the entire life of the shoe. Not only does the HOVR system provide support. But like the Goodyear tires in NASCAR. The shoes are designed to improve preform and reduce fatigue. In addition, the Phantom 2s are designed to provide energy return. So whether you’re a dedicated athlete or just a casual jogger, you will be able to enjoy your run and feel great afterward.
Included in the design of the Phantom 2 is the comfortable fit. The soft and breathable upper complements this comfortable design with a built-in sock liner. Not only will that read ice heat and sweat, but it adds to the comfortable wear and easier to slide them on and off.
The trainers usually run at $150, but there is a bit of a discount listed on the Under Armor site with a value bringing them down to $119.
In essence, the Phantom 2 trainers are an outstanding product in their own right. They are innovative with the inclusion of Bluetooth and MAPMYRUN technology. The HOVR design ascetics for comfort and performance are top-notch. On top of all that, knowing the name behind the shoe is the most significant reason for confidence. Under Armor is a company dedicated to the sport of the gear, and in this case, the Phantom two is something as simple as jogging and running. They have invested so much time and effort to improve this so-called primary function to enhance the experience. It is beneficial to have not just one trainer but a complete team of people at UA interested in your success.
So what will the Phantom 2 say about you? “As an athlete, I am concerned about comfort and performance. I am on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to my fitness training. Under Armor is an innovative company that supports my style of training footwear.

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