The folks over at Hestan, makers of the Hestan Cue smart cooking system, have kindly agreed to extend a permanent discount of 20% off to all of SonnyDickson’s readers going forward, just by shopping at our custom link at The Hestan Cue ShopNo coupon needed – just go wild!

We will be taking an independent and neutral look at the Hestan Cue later this year as part of our growing kitchen technology content, but for now, here is the short version of what makes Hestan’s Cue Smart Burner so innovative:

Cue’s precision temperature control and 500+ recipes with step-by-step video instructions guide you from prepping the ingredients to plating the final dish. Even if you’ve never cooked risotto, buffalo wings, or a scallop, you will achieve perfect results the very first time – and every time after.

Having never personally used one, I can only speak to what I have read almost across the board: that this can definitely improve the way you cook. If you feel like giving it a try at a significant discount, head on over to Hestan’s site. You can even stack it with the already discounted price shown on the site!