Review: Kabuto Carry on Suitcase – Keeps your things (and sanity) safe

When it comes to backpacks and luggage I have sort of a weak spot. I’m not really sure when it started or why. To me the lure of an item that has just the right amount of pockets for your belongings is extreme – just ask my wife. This is why when I first read about Kabuto’s Carry On Suitcase, I knew I would be hooked.

Kabuto started off on Kickstarter promising a carry on suitcase that was secured with your fingerprint and a removable case for electronics. It very quickly became extremely (over) funded, and has remained a large success after the fact.

First Impressions

The first thing I noticed when unboxing the suitcase was just how premium the suitcase felt. The outer casing of isn’t made out of hard plastic or a soft canvas like other suitcases. The Kabuto Carry On is actually a wonderful mix of the best features of both. It feels nice to the touch, but is also protective against any turbulence that it may experience.
There is a separate compartment below the main compartment that will keep anything you put in it safe. It looks to be great for shoes, or even more delicate things that need to be kept safe.
One of the standout features of this suitcase is the detachable back pocket. On the back of the suitcase there is a black case that has a USB C charger inside of it. This makes for a great place to keep an iPad, or even other thinner things that you want to be able to access readily.


When it comes to features the Kabuto Carry On is pretty outstanding. The suitcase includes the following features:

  • Fingerprint Lock Mechanism
  • Separated bottom compartment
  • Detachable back pouch with USB C charger
  • USB plugs (for charging)
  • Expandable main compartment
  • Included straps (to keep things from falling out)
  • Toiletries organizer

Real World Usage

The suitcase’s zipper runs along the outside and front of the suitcase, and the design here is pretty genius. The front of the suitcase is divided into three different sections so that if you have to get into the suitcase on the go, you don’t have to open the entire thing. You can just open the top third to get to those things on top.

Kabuto also includes a really neat removable organizing section that looks like its mainly intended for toiletries. This makes it really easy to remove all of the things here at once, whether for going through TSA or just because the first thing you need after a long day is a shower. There there’s also a strap system that is intended to keep all of your belongings on one place throughout your trip, which works really well.

The suitcase also includes a battery that is used to charge any connected devices, and power the fingerprint reader. My one complaint with the whole suitcase is the strange USB splitter they included. It’s super clunky and it only barely fits in its designated pouch.

When first using the suitcase I was a little bummed that the detachable back compartment didn’t fit my MacBook Air, but after using the suitcase on a number of trips this didn’t bother me at all. The pouch ended up being far more useful for things that I needed to access more readily.

Now when it comes to the fingerprint scanner I was extremely skeptical about how well it was going to work. But I was actually floored at how successfully the device was! You can add a number of different fingerprints, and it seems to even read when your finger is in different positions. In past experience things like this tend to be more gimmicky than anything, but this one actually works and is definitely easier then using a lock and key!

The last unique feature of the Kabuto Smart Carry On is how it expands. The suitcase can be expanded to include another 6-8 inches of height. This is for all of those trips when you buy way more things than you should have. While I don’t see myself using this feature a whole ton, I can definitely see its usefulness. And the best part about it is that when you aren’t using the extra space, the extra material is no where to be seen. It zips away neatly into the space between the top and bottom compartments.


If you’re in the market for a new suitcase and you need something that has any of the really cool features that this Kabuto Smart Carry On offers, then this purchase should be a no brainer. The ‘normal’ features of this carry on are executed terrifically including super smooth wheels that makes pushing it through an airport a breeze. In addition Kabuto adds a lot of really nifty and unique features to this suitcase as well.

And if you’re like me and already have one of their carry on suitcases, stay tuned for their upcoming full size suitcase – “The Trunk”.

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